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TTHM means total trihalomethane.
TTHM means total trihalomethane.[Ch. 246-290 WAC p. 12] (12/14/16)Group A Public Water Supplies 246-290-010

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  • Systems may consider multiple wells drawing from a single aquifer as one treatment plant for determining the minimum number of TTHM and HAA5 samples required, with department approval in accordance with department guidance.

  • Dual sample sets are collected for the purposes of conducting an Initial Distribution System Evaluation (40 CFR Part 141, Subpart U) and for determining compliance with the TTHM and HAA5 MCLs under the Stage 2 Disinfection Byproducts Requirements (40 CFR Part 141, Subpart V).

  • The TTHM and HAA5 running annual averages are no greater than 0.040 mg/L and 0.030 mg/L, respectively, and the system uses only chlorine for primary disinfection and maintenance of a residual in the distribution system.

  • If more than one location exceeds the TTHM or HAA5 MCL, the system must include the locational running annual averages for all locations that exceed the MCL.

  • Failure to monitor for TTHM, HAA5, or bromate will be treated as a violation for the entire period covered by the annual average where compliance is based on a running annual average of monthly or quarterly samples or averages.

  • All other water systems on annual monitoring, and systems using surface water or groundwater under the direct influence of surface water serving 500-3,300 are required to collect individual TTHM and HAA5 samples at the locations with the highest TTHM and HAA5 concentrations.

  • The subpart V MCLs for TTHM and HAA5 must be complied with as a locational running annual av- erage at each monitoring location be- ginning the date specified for subpart V compliance in § 141.620(c).

  • Systems using surface water or groundwater under the direct influence of surface water serving 500-3,300 may collect one dual sample set per monitoring period if the highest TTHM and HAA5 concentrations occur at the same location.

  • Systems remain on the reduced schedule as long as the average of all samples taken in the year is no more than 0.060 mg/L for TTHM and 0.045 mg/L for HAA5.

  • Chlorination levels, the presence of organic precursors, pH levels, the contact time of water with chlorine used for disinfection, and temperature all affect TTHM and HAA levels.

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TTHM means total trihalomethane. (((277))) (265) "Turbidity event" means a single day or

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