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Treated means that the seed has received an appli- cation of a substance, or that it has been subjected to a pro- cess for which a claim is made.
Treated means that the seed has received an application of

Examples of Treated in a sentence

  • Where septic tanks are located in traffic areas, specifications for a traffic-rated tank and covers are required.• Treated effluent from the septic tank shall discharge to an effluent disposal well constructed by a licensed driller in strict accordance with the Authority’s standards.

  • Inpatient Use of Ambulatory Telemetry Monitors for COVID-19 Patients Treated with Hydroxychloroquine and/or Azithromycin.

  • Treated as one issue, however, the bonds are taxable private activity bonds.

  • This is comparable to Card’s analysis of comparing IV coefficients to OLS coefficients (or better to the “Treatment on the Treated Effect”), but with subjective expectations of earnings instead of earnings realizations.

  • Deane School of Law at Hofstra University Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Law Commons Recommended Citation Trudeau, Matthew (2019) "Instead of Treated They Get Fees: A Hard Knock Life for Indigent Criminal Defendants and the Need for Unbiased Determinations of Indigent Status," Hofstra Law Review: Vol.

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Treated means that the seed has received an effective application of substance or method designed to reduce, control, or repel certain disease organisms, fungi, insects, or other pests attacking the seed or seedlings or has received some other treatment to improve its planting value.
Treated means that the seed has been subjected to an application of a substance or process in such a manner as to reduce, control or repel certain disease organisms, insects, or any other pests attacking such seeds or seedlings growing therefrom and for other purposes.
Treated means that seed has received an application of a substance or has been subjected to a process for which a claim is made.
Treated means that you have been hospitalized, have been prescribed medication (including prescribed as needed), have taken or are currently taking medication or have undergone a medical or surgical procedure.
Treated means any chemical process through which a natural turquoise is altered to produce a change in coloration of the natural mineral.
Treated and "disposed" shall have the meanings specified in applicable Environmental Laws; provided, however, any broader meanings of such terms provided by applicable laws of the State of Oklahoma shall apply. The provisions of this Section 6.12 shall be in addition to any other obligations and liabilities Credit Parties may have to the Agent or the Lenders at common law and shall survive the Release Date and shall continue thereafter in full force and effect. The Agent and the Lenders agree that in the event that such claim, suit or enforcement action is asserted or threatened in writing or instituted against them or any of their officers, employers, agents or contractors or any such remedial, removal or response action is requested of them or any of their officers, employees, agents or contractors for which the Agent or the Lenders may desire indemnity or defense hereunder, the Agent or the Lenders shall give prompt written notification thereof to the Credit Parties. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated herein, the indemnities created by this Section 6.12 shall only apply to losses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, costs and expenses actually incurred by the Agent or the Lenders as a result of claims, demands, actions, suits or proceedings brought by Persons who are not the beneficiaries of any such indemnity. The Agent or the Lenders shall act as the exclusive agent for all indemnified Persons under this Section 6.12. With respect to any claims or demands made by such indemnified Persons, the Agent shall notify Unit within ten (10) days after the Agent's receipt of a writing advising the Agent of such claim or demand. Such notice shall identify (i) when such claim or demand was first made, (ii) the identity of the Person making it, (iii) the indemnified Person and (iv) the substance of such claim or demand. Failure by the Agent to so notify Unit within said ten (10) day period shall reduce the amount of the Credit Parties' obligations and liabilities under this Section 6.12 by an amount equal to any damages or losses suffered by the Credit Parties resulting from any prejudice caused the Credit Parties by such delay in notification from the Agent. Upon receipt of such notice, the Credit Parties shall have the exclusive right and obligation to contest, defend, negotiate or settle any such claim or demand through counsel of their own selection (but reasonably satisfactory to the Agent and the Lenders) and solely at Credit Parties' own cost, risk...
Treated means a seed has received an application of a substance intended to enhance the performance of the seed or alter a physiological process of the plant.