Purposes definition

Purposes or “goals” means the methods or educational emphases chosen by an institution to fulfill its mission. The institution’s purposes relate to why the institution was founded, its particular point of view, its unique or special character, and its relationship to the community it serves.
Purposes means the purpose as determined by the Club and set out in Part 2 of the Schedule; and
Purposes means the limited, specific and legitimate purposes of the Processing, as described in this DPA and/or the Agreement.

Examples of Purposes in a sentence

  • The Seller has engaged the Surveyors to provide the Single Survey Report and a generic MortgageValuation Report for Lending Purposes.

  • DEFINITIONS the "Lender" is the party who has provided or intends or proposes to provide financial assistance to the Purchaser towards the purchase of the Property and in whose favour a standard security will be granted over the Property; the "Transcript Mortgage Valuation Report for Lending Purposes" means a separate report, prepared by the Surveyor, prepared from information in the Report and the generic Mortgage Valuation Report, but in a style and format required by the Lender.

  • TRANSCRIPT MORTGAGE VALUATION FOR LENDING PURPOSESThe Surveyors undertake that on being asked to do so by a prospective purchaser, or his/herprofessional advisor or Lender, they will prepare a Transcript Mortgage Valuation Report for Lending Purposes on terms and conditions to be agreed between the Surveyors and Lender and solely for the use of the Lender and upon which the Lender may rely.

  • Your and your proxy’s (or proxies’) name(s) and address(es) will be retained for such period as may be necessary to fulfil the Purposes.

  • We may transfer your and your proxy’s (or proxies’) name(s) and address(es) to our agent, contractor, or third party service provider who provides administrative, computer and other services to us for use in connection with the Purposes and to such parties who are authorised by law to request the information or are otherwise relevant for the Purposes and need to receive the information.

More Definitions of Purposes

Purposes means the trading of the Exchange Contract(s) supported by the Platform and the Platform Software;
Purposes means the purposes of World Athletics described in Article 2.
Purposes means the purposes for which Customer Personal Data is Processed under or in connection with this Agreement, as further set out in UKAS' Privacy Notice;
Purposes has the meaning given in Section 14.2.
Purposes means (i) DNAnexus’ provision of the Services as described in the Master Subscription Agreement, including Processing initiated by Users in their use of the Services; and (ii) further documented, reasonable instructions from the Customers agreed upon by the Parties.
Purposes means the purposes of the Council stated in Rule 3.
Purposes means the purposes for which BPA personal data is to be Processed, as may be amended from time to time by the parties, and as currently set out in Schedule A (Scope of Services);