tiny deposit definition

tiny deposit means the aggregate amount of public deposits not exceeding ₹10,000/- standing in the name of the sole or the first named depositor in the same capacity in all the branches of the HFC.

Related to tiny deposit

  • Security Deposit means the deposit to be held by the owner as security for the due performance of the contractual obligations.

  • Xxxxxxx Money Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • Full Deposit will consist of data that reflects the state of the registry as of 00:00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the day that such Full Deposit is submitted to Escrow Agent.

  • Initial Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.5(a).

  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) means Bid Security/ monetary or financial guarantee to be furnished by a tenderer along with its tender.

  • Escrow Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).

  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) means the refundable amount to be submitted by the Bidder along with RFP documents to NMRC

  • Cash Deposit means a cash security deposit in U.S. dollars held by AT&T-21STATE.

  • Initial Deposit Amount means the Issuing Entity’s deposit to the Reserve Account, on or before the Closing Date, of $[•].

  • Reserve Account Initial Deposit means cash or Eligible Investments having a value of at least $____________.

  • Direct Deposit Disbursement Requests for the Closing Disbursement(s) to be deposited into an account at Xxxxx Fargo Bank, N.A. must specify the amount and applicable account. Each account included in any such Disbursement Request must be listed below. Name on Deposit Account: Xxxxx Fargo Bank, N.A. Deposit Account Number: Further Credit Information/Instructions: Disbursements of Loan Proceeds Subsequent to Loan Closing/Origination Subsequent Disbursement Authorizers: Administrative Agent is authorized to accept one or more Disbursement Requests from any of the individuals named below (each, a “Subsequent Disbursement Authorizer”) to disburse Loan proceeds after the date of the Loan origination/closing and to initiate Disbursements in connection therewith (each, a “Subsequent Disbursement”): Individual’s Name Title 1.

  • Security Deposits shall have the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.17(e) hereof.

  • Reserve Fund Initial Deposit means the initial deposit of cash in the amount of $3,846,153.85 made by or on behalf of the Seller into the Reserve Fund on the Closing Date.

  • Indemnity Escrow Account means an account established by the Escrow Agent pursuant to the Escrow Agreement.

  • Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.3.1 hereof.

  • Spread Account Initial Deposit means an amount equal to 2.0% of the aggregate principal balance of the Receivables on the Initial Cutoff Date (which is equal to $16,000,198.26).

  • Reserve Account Deposit Cash or Eligible Investments having a value of at least $2,536,664.49.

  • Initial Reserve Account Deposit means $3,000,000.

  • Additional Deposit shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.2.

  • Initial Reserve Account Deposit Amount means an amount equal to $16,393,580.61.

  • Deposit Escrow Agreement has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2.

  • Escrow Account The Eligible Account or Accounts established and maintained pursuant to Section 3.09(b).

  • Reserve Account Deposit Amount means, with respect to any Distribution Date, the lesser of (x) the excess of (i) the Specified Reserve Balance over (ii) the amount on deposit in the Reserve Account on such Distribution Date, after taking into account the amount of any Reserve Account Withdrawal Amount on such Distribution Date and (y) the amount remaining in the Collection Account after taking into account the distributions therefrom described in clauses (i) through (xviii) of Section 5.7(a).

  • Earnest Money means the amount equal to 10% of Consideration as specified in the Application Form / Provisional Allotment Letter;

  • Differential Deposit means data that reflects all transactions that were not reflected in the last previous Full or Differential Deposit, as the case may be. Each Differential Deposit will contain all database transactions since the previous Deposit was completed as of 00:00:00 UTC of each day, but Sunday. Differential Deposits must include complete Escrow Records as specified below that were not included or changed since the most recent full or Differential Deposit (i.e., newly added or modified domain names).

  • Security Deposit Account has the meaning given in Section 5.1.