The Transportation definition

The Transportation means the carriage of the cargo and, as the 11 case may be, the loading, discharge and all other operations connected 12 therewith. 13
The Transportation means the carriage of the Cargo and the loading and discharging and all other operations connected therewith.

Examples of The Transportation in a sentence

  • The Transportation Cabinet will file for generator, registration when appropriate, with the Division of Waste Management and advise the contractor regarding waste management requirements.

  • The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC) has recommended approval of the TIP amendment.

  • The Transportation Policy Plan requires that explicit consideration of all users of the transportation system be considered in the planning and scoping phase of roadway projects.

  • The Transportation section should describe how the school will address these services for its student body.

  • The Transportation Charge shall consist of a capital cost component; a minimum operation, maintenance, power, and replacement component; and a variable operation, maintenance, power, and replacement component, as these components are defined in and determined under Articles 24, 25, and 26, respectively.

  • The Transportation Coordinator services and program office hours will be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has imposed rules governing law enforcement officers flying armed on commercial aircraft.

  • The Transportation Officer will furnish the addresses of Aerial terminals, as required.

  • The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee has recommended approval of the TIP amendment.

  • The Transportation Authority will also give priority to projects that achieve high CE for CO2 emission reductions based on data available from the Air District’s CE worksheets.

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  • Air transportation means the public carriage by aircraft of passengers, baggage, cargo, and mail, separately or in combination, for remuneration or hire;

  • Transportation means any land, sea or air conveyance required to Transport the Insured during an Emergency Evacuation. Transportation includes, but is not limited to, air ambulances, land ambulances and private motor vehicles.

  • Ocean transportation means any transportation aboard a ship, vessel, boat, barge, or ferry through international waters.

  • Transportation project means any project that the department is authorized by law to undertake including but not limited to a highway, tollway, bridge, mass transit, intelligent transportation system, traffic management, traveler information services, or any other project for transportation purposes.

  • Transportation fuel means electricity and any liquid or

  • Economy Transportation means the lowest published available transportation rate for a ticket on a Common Carrier matching the original class of transportation that You purchased for Your Trip.

  • Transportation Company means any organization which provides its own or its leased vehicles for transportation or which provides freight forwarding or air express services.

  • Air Transportation Business means the carriage by aircraft of persons or property as a common carrier for compensation or hire, or carriage of cargo or mail by aircraft, in air commerce, as defined in 49 U.S.C. § 40102, as amended.

  • Transportation facility means any transit, railroad,

  • Transportation Facilities means any physical facility that moves or assist in the movement of people or goods including facilities identified in OAR 660-012-0020 but excluding electricity, sewage, and water systems.

  • International air transportation means transportation by air between a place in the United States and a place outside the United States or between two places both of which are outside the United States.

  • Transportation Service Agreement means the contract between KUB and the Customer whereby KUB agrees to provide transportation gas service to the Customer.

  • Transportation Services means travel assistance given to an individual with escort service, if necessary, to and from community facilities and resources as part of a service plan.

  • Transportation equipment means 1 or more of the following:

  • Transportation System means the facilities at any time in place to receive Shipper’s Gas at the Entry Point(s), process, handle, transport and redeliver the Gas at the Exit Point(s), in accordance with the Transportation Agreement, as detailed in Transportation System Description.

  • Transportation Service means a service for moving people and goods, such as intercity bus service and passenger rail service.

  • Transport means the most efficient and available method of conveyance. In all cases, where practical, economy fare will be utilized. If possible, the Insured’s Common Carrier tickets will be used.

  • Transportation district and "district" shall mean the

  • Transportation network company means a company or organization facilitating and/or providing transportation services using a computer or digital application or platform to connect or match passengers with drivers for compensation or a fee.

  • air transport means the carriage by aircraft of passengers, baggage, cargo, and mail, separately or in combination, held out to the public for remuneration or hire, including scheduled and non-scheduled air services;

  • Transportation network company rider means an individual who uses a transportation network company's digital network to connect with a transportation network company driver who provides a transportation network company prearranged ride to the transportation network company rider in the transportation network company driver's personal vehicle between points chosen by the transportation network company rider.

  • Public transportation means that term as defined in section 10c of Act No. 51 of the Public Acts of 1951, being section 247.660c of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

  • commercial air transport means an aircraft operation involving the transport of passengers, cargo, or mail for remuneration or hire.

  • Transportation network company driver means an individual who satisfies all of the following:

  • Public transportation system means all facilities, conveyances and instrumentalities, whether publicly or privately owned, that are used in or for publicly available services for the transportation of persons or cargo.

  • Sewage sludge means a solid, semi-solid, or liquid residue generated during the treatment of domestic sewage in a treatment works as defined in section 6111.01 of the Revised Code. "Sewage sludge" includes, but is not limited to, scum or solids removed in primary, secondary, or advanced wastewater treatment processes. "Sewage sludge" does not include ash generated during the firing of sewage sludge in a sewage sludge incinerator, grit and screenings generated during preliminary treatment of domestic sewage in a treatment works, animal manure, residue generated during treatment of animal manure, or domestic septage.