the Commonwealth Act definition

the Commonwealth Act means the legislation of the Commonwealth Parliament by which this agreement is authorized to be executed by or on behalf of the Commonwealth;
the Commonwealth Act means the Health Insurance Act 1973, as amended from time to time, of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. (1a) In the definition of “hospital” in subsection (1) “illness” includes mental illness as defined in section 4 of the Mental Health Act 1996, but this subsection does not affect the requirement of that Act that a person may only be detained under that Act in an authorised hospital as defined in that Act. (2) Notwithstanding the provisions of any other Act, the making or giving of a grant or subsidy to a private hospital under this Act does not affect the status of the hospital as a private hospital.
the Commonwealth Act means the Debits Tax Administration Act 1982 of the Commonwealth.

Examples of the Commonwealth Act in a sentence

  • The scheme essentially involved a purported conferral of jurisdiction on the Federal Court of Australia under the State Acts and an authorisation under the Commonwealth Act for the Federal Court to exercise such jurisdiction, so conferred.

  • The States passed complementary legislation, the Commonwealth Act being a schedule to the State Acts.

  • Whether a beneficial interpretation is appropriate "depends on the particular statutory provision and an analysis of its language and purpose".22The High Court made clear in Comcare v Martin that the purpose of protecting employers is the purpose through which the exception in the Commonwealth Act should be interpreted.23 The exceptions were introduced to limit workers compensation claims and were therefore intended to act as a barrier to workers’ compensation for psychological injury claims.

More Definitions of the Commonwealth Act

the Commonwealth Act means the Securities Industry Act 1980 of the Commonwealth. (2) In this Act, a reference to a Commonwealth Act shall be construed as including a reference to that Act as amended and in force for the time being and to an Act passed in substitution for that Act.
the Commonwealth Act means the Securities Industry Act 1980 of the Commonwealth.
the Commonwealth Act means the Health Insurance
the Commonwealth Act means the Roads Grants Act 1980 of the Parliament of the Commonwealth as amended from time to time, or, if that Act has expired or been repealed, the Act of that Parliament for the time being granting financial assistance to the State for expenditure on the construction or maintenance of roads for which local governments are responsible;
the Commonwealth Act means the Petroleum (Submerged Lands) Act 1967 (Cwlth) and any Act of the Commonwealth with which that Act is incorporated.