Terra nullius definition

Terra nullius literally means “land belonging to no one” and has greatly served the colonial project in the evasion of recognition of indigenous sovereignty.
Terra nullius means “lands belonging to no one.” The government also urged the Supreme Court of Canada to interpret the Royal Proclamation of 1763 (often referred to as the “Indian Bill of Rights”), so as to preclude the recognition of indigenous land rights rather than to confirm them.
Terra nullius is a Latin expression which means "land not legally belonging to anyone". English dictionary. Available at http://www.allwords.com/word-terra+nullius.html [Visited April 2nd, 2013].

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  • Oppenheim & Lauterpacht 1958: 557-558.THE DOCTRINE OF OCCUPATION AND THE FOUNDING OF AUSTRALIAno doubt that British actions initiated in 1788 finally turned out to be a textbookexample of creating a title in this particular way.224 Terra nullius and the question of indigenousinhabitantsConsideration of the second of the questions raised above requires us to go back to the beginnings of the occupation doctrine.

  • Abstract Terra nullius is the principle of a violence that inheres in every origin.

  • Thereafter, they were only supposed to deal with the European government that had first discovered them.4. Terra nullius.

  • Terra nullius (no man’s land) in international law is not limited to uninhabited land.

  • Within the document collection it is possible to find from the discussions on international law on the definition of indigenous peoples, materials on the Discovery doctrine, the Terra nullius doctrine, and the link between climate change and its negative impact on indigenous peoples rights.

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  • Terra nullius was commonly invoked by European settlers in the Americas to argue that Indigenous people did not have an entitlement to land and that it could expropriated.

  • Terra nullius, arguably never a doctrine of Australian law until that case,64 was overthrown, but no mention was made of the indigenous legal systems which must therefore have existed if Australia was in fact not a legal vacuum.

  • The land is then rather cynically defined as being vacant or empty of people and thus as Terra nullius, "nobody's territory,” and therefore not subject to the sovereignty of any state, or at least the previous residents have expressly or implicitly relinquished sovereignty over it.

  • Terra nullius encapsulated the colonial idea that Indigenous peoples had neither cultivated nor built upon the land.

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