Definition of Term Loan Applicable Margin

Term Loan Applicable Margin means, with respect to a particular Type of Term Loans made pursuant to this Supplement, the percentage rate set forth below corresponding to the Leverage Ratio as determined in accordance with Section 10.1.(a):

Term Loan Applicable Margin means twelve percent (12.00%).
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Examples of Term Loan Applicable Margin in a sentence

When determining the Revolving Applicable Margin, any Term Loan Applicable Margin, and compliance by the Parent or the Borrower with any financial covenant contained in any of the Loan Documents (a) only the Ownership Share of the Parent of the financial attributes of a Subsidiary that is not a Wholly Owned Subsidiary shall be included and (b) the Parents Ownership Share of the Borrower shall be deemed to be 100.0%.
A rate per annum (computed on the basis of a year of 360 days and actual days elapsed) equal to the LIBOR Rate plus the Term Loan Applicable Margin, in the case of a Term Loan, or the Revolver Applicable Margin, in the case of a Revolving Credit Loan.