Definition of Term A1 Loan

Term A1 Loan and "Term A1 Loans" means a Loan or Loans, as the context may require, in Euros or Sterling made or deemed made on the Fourth Amendment Effective Date pursuant to Section 2.1(a)(vi).

Examples of Term A1 Loan in a sentence

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, each Term A-1 Lender may, at its option, fulfill its obligations to make any Term A-1 Loan available to the Borrowers by causing any foreign or domestic branch or Affiliate of such Lender to make such Loan; provided that the exercise of such option shall not affect the obligation of the Borrowers to repay such Loan in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Facility means bothany or eitherall of the TermClosing Date Term Facility, Term A-1 Loan Facility, Term A-2 Loan Facility or the Revolving Credit Facility, as the context may require.
The Term A-1 Loan may consist of Base Rate Loans or LIBOR Rate Loans, or a combination thereof, as further provided herein.
Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, each Lender severally agrees to make its portion of a term loan (the Term A-1 Loan) to the Borrower in Dollars on the Initial Funding Date in an amount not to exceed such Lenders Term A-1 Loan Commitment.
Each Term A-1 Loan shall be made as part of a Borrowing consisting of Term A-1 Loans made by the Lenders ratably in accordance with their respective Term A-1 Commitments.