Definition of Tenant's Electricity Costs

Tenant's Electricity Costs shall mean all actual charges for electricity service to the Premises that Landlord shall pay during any Calendar Year that are properly allocable to, or separately metered for, the Premises, as reasonably determined by Landlord.

Examples of Tenant's Electricity Costs in a sentence

Electric service for lights and plugs in the Premises shall be separately metered, and Tenant shall pay Tenant's Electricity Costs directly to the utility provider as due and payable.
In the event Tenant's utility usage is not separately metered, then, except for Tenant's Electricity Costs, Tenant shall pay for such usage as a part of the Operating Costs.
Except for Tenant's Electricity Costs, Tenant shall --------------------- pay for all utility usage as a part of Tenant's Operating Cost Escalation.
Additional Rent: (a) Tenant's Share of (i) Taxes, (ii) Insurance Costs and (iii) Operating Costs, (b) Tenant's Electricity Costs, and/or (c) Other Additional Rent.
Tenant shall pay to Landlord monthly in accordance with Section 5.01(b), 106% of Tenants Electricity Costs for electricity used in the Premises.