Definition of Ten Non-Bank Regulations

Ten Non-Bank Regulations means the regulations pursuant to the guidelines No. S-02.122.1(4.99), No. S-02.128(1.2000) and No. S-02.130.1(4.99) of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (or legislation or guidelines addressing the same issues which are in force at such time) pursuant to which the aggregate number of Lenders of a Swiss Borrower under this Agreement which are not Swiss Qualifying Banks shall not at any time exceed ten.

Examples of Ten Non-Bank Regulations in a sentence

If the Ten Non-Bank Regulations or the Twenty Non-Bank Rule are disapplied or amended in any material respect from their form as at the date of this Agreement, the Company or the Agent may (and the Agent shall, at the request of the Majority Lenders) request in writing to the Agent or the Company, as the case may be, that this Agreement be amended to reflect such change.