Technical Codes definition

Technical Codes means Grid Code, Distribution Code, Metering Code, Health & Safety Code and other codes approved by the Commission for the technical regulation of the electricity supply industry in Nigeria
Technical Codes means Chapters 15.08, 15.09, 15.10, 15.12, 15.16, 15.20, 15.22, 15.24,
Technical Codes means and refer to the national codes, standards and appendices incorporated as part of the state building code, including without limitation, the International Property Maintenance Code, all as amended pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, together with the International Existing Building Code and the state energy code, as amended pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter.

Examples of Technical Codes in a sentence

  • Technical codes are normally structured in a Plan- ning Code, Connection Conditions, Operating Code and Balancing – or Scheduling and Despatch – Code.

More Definitions of Technical Codes

Technical Codes means the [codes] :
Technical Codes has the meaning set forth in Section 7.3.2(d), below.
Technical Codes means the technical codes contained in schedule C3 of part C;
Technical Codes means those codes adopted by this title containing the provisions for design, construction, alteration, moving, demolition, repair, removal, use, location, occupancy and maintenance of buildings, structures and building service equipment. Where no applicable standards or requirements are set forth in this title, or are contained within other laws, codes, regulations, ordinances or bylaws adopted by the City of SeaTac, technical codes may also include applicable standards of the National Fire Protection Association or other nationally recognized standards approved by the Building Official.
Technical Codes shall have the same meaning in the Mini-Grid Regulations.
Technical Codes means the Grid Code, the Distribution Code, the Metering Code, Health and Safety Code and such other codes as may be applicable;
Technical Codes means the Administrative and Technical Construction Codes of the City (Article VIII of the Code).