Definition of TD Credit Agreement

TD Credit Agreement means the Restated Credit Agreement dated as of March 12, 2008 among the Borrower, as Borrower, The Toronto-Dominion Bank, as Administrative Agent and the lenders from time to time party thereto, as amended by the TD First Amendment.
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Examples of TD Credit Agreement in a sentence

The Borrower shall not (i) cancel all or any part of the availability under the TD Credit Agreement (except to the extent such availability is reduced by the negative pledge in the Public Indentures) or the TD Credit Agreements or (ii) shorten the maturity date(s) thereunder (except as a consequence of acceleration), in each case prior to the repayment and cancellation in full of the Credit Facility.
Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of this Section 6.2(a), the Borrower (but for certainty not any other Loan Party) may issue, incur, create, assume, permit to exist or guarantee Debt under the TD Credit Agreement which is secured by Liens permitted by the negative pledge in the Public Indentures.
The Borrower or any Affiliate defaults in the making of any payment of (i) any Debt owing under the TD Credit Agreement, any of the Other TD Credit Agreements or the RBC Credit Agreement and such default continues after all applicable grace or cure periods have expired, or (ii) any Secured Swap Obligations and such default continues for a period of 3 Banking Days after all applicable grace or cure periods have expired.
Each of the Company and its Subsidiaries hereby adopts, assumes, ratifies, and reaffirms such prior Liens and security interests and confirms that such Liens and security interests secure the Obligations as a continuation of the original "Indebtedness" described in the TD Credit Agreement.