Table Game definition

Table Game or "Table gaming" means that type of casino gaming in which table
Table Game means a game (including a game that is substantially similar to an already approved game and including, for the removal of doubt, any semi-automated, fully automated, electronic or animated versions of such games) that has, at the date of this Deed, been approved under section 60 of the Casino Control Act as a “table game” or at any time in the future is so approved;”
Table Game means any Class III game allowed under this Compact except video lottery games, keno, off-race course mutuel wagering, and race book.

Examples of Table Game in a sentence

  • Wagers will be made before the dice are thrown, but they may be made between the time the dice leave the shooter's hand and the time the dice come to rest, provided that they are confirmed orally by the dealer or Table Game Supervisor/Pit Manager or above.

  • An Electronic Gaming Machines (EGM) can either be an Electronic Table Game (ETG)2 or a slot machine3.

  • Other FormsOther forms associated with poker are the Request for Fill/Credit Slip, Fill/Credit Slip, Opener/Closers, Early Table Drop Log (which can be found in the Table Game section); and the Table Games Activity Log (which can be found in the Table Games Equipment section).

  • Insertion of cash or a valid ticket into aSingle Terminal Gaming Machine, Automated Table Game, Electronic Table Game or other table gameMaximum cash or credits in of $5,999ie.

  • The Slot and Table Game Surveillance System shall be capable of monitoring all gambling related activities on the premises.

More Definitions of Table Game

Table Game means any gambling game played in a casino other than on a slot machine, including, without limitation, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Punto Banco, Dice, non-banking casino games and Wheel of Fortune.
Table Game means any individual Class III Game allowed under this Compact except VLTs, keno, off-race course pari-mutuel wagering, and race book.
Table Game means any table game (live or otherwise and in any format) and/or electronic methods of playing or simulating any game, as well as pay tables and methods of play (whether proprietary or in the public domain) for any game.
Table Game or “Table Gaming” means that type of Casino Gaming in which Table Games are played for Cash, or Chips representing Cash, using cards, dice, or equipment and conducted by one or more live Persons.
Table Game means any table game, including table games that are live and/or table games that are a multi-seat electronic methods of playing or simulating any table game (such as those electronic tables that are similar to SMI’s Table Master product), but which excludes for the sake of clarity any Progressive Systems. Provided, however that, the term Table Game shall be limited to live table games during the Term until PGIC terminates PGIC’s previous agreements with Table Max (attached in Exhibit F), including with a release to SMI to SMI’s reasonable satisfaction, which must occur within 150 days of the Effective Date.
Table Game means any Class III game allowed under this Compact except video lottery games, keno, and off-track pari-mutuel wagering.
Table Game or “electronic game” means any machine, equipment or device operated for the amusement or entertainment of the operator for a fee by the insertion of a coin or token in a slot used in conjunction with such machine, equipment or device and includes coin operated or token operated machines for the showing of pictures, photos or slides; and "amusement, sport or arcade machines" shall have a comparable meaning.