Substantial income definition

Substantial income means an income greater than 10 per cent of the current parliamentary salary. If the income from a Member’s total property portfolio (including main and any other homes) is substantial, all the properties from which any income is derived should be registered.
Substantial income means income derived from the business activities of a business group of one that is sufficient to pay for annual health insurance premiums for that business group of one.

Examples of Substantial income in a sentence

Substantial income from sources other than the activity (particularly if the losses from the activity generate substantial tax benefits) may indicate that the activity is not engaged in for profit especially if there are personal or recreational elements involved.

The following text is taken from the responses submitted by a number of consultees:46 Substantial income is generated from licences and leases to mobile phone network operators, broadcasters, wireless broadband operators and other private sector organisations.

You don’t need to have a special type of background.” EX 13_5160 [SER00426].• Substantial income can be made “[w]hether you only have a few hours a week or a few hours a month.” EX 13_5186-5187 [SER00428-29].• 80% of OTA enrollees “don’t know a stock from a rock.” EX 13_337 [SER00288].OTA’s advertisements direct consumers to attend a free three- hour “preview” seminar.

Substantial income growth was required for households to move out of poverty — from 28 to 45 percent, depending on location.

Substantial income must be derived from the farm operation.Any residence lawfully existing as of [the effective date of this amendment - to be inserted by clerk] shall be considered a permitted use.