Square Block definition

Square Block means the geographic land mass contained by the street configuration which comprises an entire City block. Typically, a Square Block would be encompassed by four (4) City streets and contain a number of separate properties. In some instances, the Square Block may be elongated or distorted due to the particular City street configurations. This definition is distinct from the definition of “Block”.
Square Block. The area bounded by 00xx Xxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxxx, 00xx Xxxxxx and Queens Plaza North (also known as Xxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx), Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx.

Examples of Square Block in a sentence

  • In the approved Outline 08/0266/OUT), the eastern edge of the building did not align with One the Square (Block A1/A2) located to the north.

  • The Long Term Agreement for provision of Security Services will be issued for duration of 12 month with further possible extension up to 2 (two) additional years maximum subject to documented satisfactory performance and positive feedback.F. Location of servicesUN House, UN Building, Diplomatic Square, Block 7, Mishref, (opposite to Gust University), Kuwait;P.O. Box 2993 Safat Kuwait 13030G.

  • With regard to Salamanca Square Block A, the study concludes that all rooms meet the BRE guidelines with regard to daylight and sunlight levels and that there “negligible change” from the approved scheme.

  • In addition, in terms of sunlight, the assessment methodology and significance criteria employed in the analysis for Salamanca Square (Block C) are consistent with BRE Guidance whereby none of the windows to the affected property to the affected property lie due ninety degrees to the south of the development.

  • The analysis of these conclusions within the daylight assessment commissioned by the Council confirms that the results of the calculations demonstrate that the residential units within Salamanca Square (Block C) broadly comply with the BRE Guidelines recommendations for Vertical Skyline Contour (VSC) and that the localised breaches of VSC are entirely consistent with the flexibility inherent in the BRE Guidelines when the development proposal is considered within its context.

  • Waiver of Sewer Use Fees for Community Building – Food Pantry and Unknown Tenant at Raritan Town Square (Block 16.01 Lot 35; Bldg.

  • The addresses at which each party will accept all notices, legal processes and other communications are: The Academy Physical address Postal address Hanover Square, Block B PO Box 2290 71 on 0xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx 0000 Xxxxxxxxxxxx 1609 The Employer Physical address Postal address M.

  • The City also consults with an external community advisory board representing impacted communities.In 2018, the EDI will be funded with the $16 million in proceeds from the expected sale in 2019 of the City-owned Civic Square Block.

  • Level 4 to Level 7, Ao’lin CentralSquare Block A (Also known asShantou Complex) Located at south to Beizhang Village, north to JinyangStreet, west to Tiyu Road andeast to Hangxiao Area, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, The PRCThe property comprises fouroffice levels of a 20-storey office building plus two basementfloors, namely Ao’lin Central Square Block A.

  • SP-198, Hampshire Co./30 Olcott Square; Block 66, lot 17: Consider corrective form of Resolution (as memorialized Dec.

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  • Investment Management Agreement means the Investment Management Agreement, dated as of the date hereof, by and between the Investment Manager and the Borrower.

  • Building Square Footage or "BSF" means the square footage of assessable internal living space of a Unit, exclusive of any carports, walkways, garages, overhangs, patios, enclosed patios, detached accessory structure, other structures not used as living space, or any other square footage excluded under Government Code Section 65995 as determined by reference to the Building Permit for such Unit.

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  • Greywater means all liquid wastes from showers, baths, sinks, kitchens and domestic washing facilities, but does not include toilet wastes;

  • Landmark has the meaning set forth in the preamble.