Spinoff definition

Spinoff means the distribution of 100% of the issued and outstanding Stock of the Borrower to the shareholders of BWC, to occur on or after the Closing Date, the result of which is that immediately thereafter 100% of the Stock of the Borrower shall be owned directly by the shareholders of BWC immediately prior to such Restricted Payment.
Spinoff means a transaction in which the Transferor Plan transfers only part of its assets and/or liabilities to the Transferee Plan. The Transferee Plan may be a New Plan that is created in the Spinoff, or it may be a preexisting plan that simply receives part of the assets and/or liabilities of the Transferor Plan.
Spinoff means the transaction in which CTM will be separated from IDT and become a separately-traded public company.

Examples of Spinoff in a sentence

  • There will not be any offering of new C&D Property Shares to the public under the Proposed Spin-off.

  • As the Proposed Spin-off is conditional upon, among other things, the approval of the Listing Committee, the final decision of the Board and the board of the C&D Property, market and other considerations, the Proposed Spin-off may or may not materialise.

  • The Application Proof contains, among other things, certain business and financial information relating to the Spin-off Group.

  • As the Proposed Spin-off will be implemented by way of distribution in specie of the C&D Property Shares alone, the Proposed Spin-off will not constitute a transaction for the Company under Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules and accordingly, there will be no requirement for the Company to comply with the shareholders’ approval requirements under Chapter 14 of the Listing Rules.

  • The Company will make further announcement(s) in relation to the Proposed Spin-off as and when appropriate.

More Definitions of Spinoff

Spinoff has the meaning set forth in the ninth WHEREAS clause of this TMA.
Spinoff means any distribution (or exchange) by SCL or any SCL Affiliate, with respect to its stock, of the stock of XXXX (or any successor corporation or corporation which owns stock of XXXX) in a transaction intended to qualify under Section 355 of the Code.
Spinoff shall have the meaning specified in the Recitals.
Spinoff means the separation of KBR from Halliburton through the Distribution.