special majority definition

special majority means the majority of votes described in §11.2 which is required to pass a special resolution. Act and Interpretation Act Definitions Applicable
special majority means the number of votes described in §11.2 which is required to pass a special resolution;
special majority means a decision made by the Management Committee by more than 66.6% percent of the votes represented and entitled to be cast at a meeting thereof.

Examples of special majority in a sentence

  • Instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval shall be deposited with the Depository not later than December 31, 2016, or if necessary, until such later date as may be decided by the Board of Governors by a Special Majority vote as provided in Article 28.

  • Other shares shall be issued at par unless the Board of Governors by a Special Majority vote as provided in Article 28 decides in special circumstances to issue them on other terms.

  • But the Trustee (acting on the instructions of the Special Majority of Debenture Holders) shall not be bound to give any such notice in any case where they shall certify, either before or after entry, that in their opinion further delay would imperil the interests of the Debenture Holder(s)/Beneficial Owner(s), or in any case where an order or resolution for the winding up of the Company shall have been made or passed.

  • The Board will as a general policy, subject to approval by Special Majority, the Company meeting the solvency test in section 52 of the Companies Act and complying with any banking covenants and after having regard to the Company's availability of funds for working capital, make a distribution by way of a dividend of such amount each year as will be decided by the Board.

  • The Company may, subject to the approval of a Special Majority, issue new Shares, securities that are convertible or exchangeable for Shares or options to acquire Shares.

More Definitions of special majority

special majority means a resolution passed by two-thirds (2/3rds) of the valid votes cast by those present and entitled to vote.
special majority has the meaning given to such term in the Trust Agreement.
special majority means a number of directors equal to at least 70% of the entire membership of the corporation’s board of directors.
special majority means a seventy five percent (75%) plus one (1) majority vote of all Ordinary Members present at meeting of the Society.
special majority means, in relation to the State Council or any General Meeting of the Association, a majority comprising enough of the representatives of the State Council or delegates of Ordinary Members for the time being for their number to be at least 75% of the number of representatives or delegates (whether present and voting or not);
special majority means a majority of not less than three-quarters (more than 75%) of the votes cast on any resolution;
special majority shall at any time mean such number of Debenture Holder(s)/Beneficial Owner(s) holding more than 75% in value of the then outstanding Debentures and 60% of the Debenture Holder(s) / Beneficial Owner(s) in numbers. For sake of clarity, it is clarified that the Special Majority shall be determined under each respective ISIN.