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Age of majority means the age when the procedural safeguards and other rights afforded to the parent or parents of a student with a disability transfer to the student. In Virginia, the age of majority is 18.
Age of majority means a person eighteen (18) years of age, except for purposes of child support obligations, a parent's legal obligation for the support of his or her children, whether natural or adopted, continues past the age of majority in cases where the children are: (i) mentally or physically disabled and thereby incapable of self support; or (ii) between the age of majority and twenty (20) years and attending high school or an equivalent program as full-time participants.
Age of majority means the chronological moment when a child legally assumes majority control over the child’s own person and actions and decisions, thereby terminating the legal control and legal responsibilities of the child’s parents over and for the child. The period of minority extends to the age of 18 years, but every minor attains majority by marriage.

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  • AGE OF MAJORITY: Age of majority refers to persons sixteen to eighteen years of age living apart from their parents and financially independent of them.

  • We are specifically interested in comments on whether there is a role for a CAP-like alternative to the ASP (buy and bill) process for obtaining drugs that are billed under Part B in the physician’s office.

  • Age of majority is determined by your state of permanent residence:• 18 years of age in most states• 19 years of age in Alabama• 19 years of age in Nebraska if you are a ward of the state• 21 years of age in Mississippi and Puerto RicoBankruptcy Limitations:• If you (borrower or cosigner) file for bankruptcy you may still be required to pay back this loan.

  • Age of majority: the legally defined age at which a person is considered an adult with all the attendant rights and responsibilities of adulthood.

  • However, the Life Insured on attaining the Age of majority, will be required to provide all the requisite information (including his address, contact details, bank account details, etc.) and other documents as specified by Us to enable Us to pay the benefits under this Policy.

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Age of majority means the age of majority referred to in section 10; “alternative care” means care of a child, temporarily or long term -
Age of majority means, in terms of the Children’s Act, 38 of 2005 (as amended), 18 (eighteen) years of age;
Age of majority the Subscriber, if an individual, has attained the age of majority and is legally competent to execute this Agreement and to take all actions required pursuant hereto;
Age of majority means that a person is at least 18 years old.
Age of majority means the legally defined age at which a person is considered as an adult as defined by the state of Georgia. Although a student may reach the age of majority, all students enrolled in archdiocesan schools are considered to be under parental control; the Archdiocese of Atlanta honors relationships with parents/guardians and does not enter into a formal relationship with emancipated and/or married students.
Age of majority means the age at which an individual becomes an adult as specified by either the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child or the legislation of the host nation, whichever is the older age
Age of majority means as defined in W.S. 14-1-101(a) or 14-2-204(a), whichever is applicable;