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Examples of Special Conferences in a sentence

  • Matters taken up in Special Conferences shall be confined to those included in the agenda.

  • The members of the Union shall not lose time or pay for time spent in such Special Conferences.

  • Special Conferences between the Union and the Employer may be held to discuss matters of mutual concern.

  • It is agreed that Special Conferences shall not be for the purpose of conducting continuing contract negotiations.

  • Also, during our recent contract negotiations the Company pointed out that Special Conferences, as provided for in Section (2.7)(b), are in some instances being used to circumvent the Grievance Procedure.

  • Arrangements for such Special Conferences shall be made in advance and an agenda of the matters to be taken up at the meeting shall be presented at the time the Conference is requested.

  • Special Conferences shall be held during working hours for the day shift except when mutually agreed to the contrary.

  • Anytime during this period the Employer may terminate the employee, and such employee shall not have recourse to the Grievance Procedure or Special Conferences provisions of this Agreement.

  • Requests for such Special Conferences shall be made in writing and an agenda of the matter to be taken up at the meeting shall be presented at the time the Conference is requested.

  • Upon agreement of the Association and the Employer, Special Conferences shall be held for the purpose of considering matters of mutual interest.

Related to Special Conferences

  • Informal Conference means the discussion between the Department and an applicant or an agency that is held prior to a hearing to address any matters pertaining to the hearing. An administrative law judge does not participate in an informal conference. The informal conference may result in resolution of the issue.

  • Conference means all activities associated with any functions, room rentals, and/or meals on the dates indicated, that are the subject of this Agreement, as described on the Standard Agreement Coversheet form.

  • Conference center means a facility that:

  • Post-observation conference means a meeting, either in-person or remotely, between the supervisor who conducted the observation and the teaching staff member for the purpose of evaluation to discuss the data collected in the observation.

  • Conference of the Parties means the Conference of the Parties to the Convention;

  • Meetings means the meetings of Affected Unsecured Creditors in the Unsecured Creditor Classes in respect of each Participating CCAA Party called for the purposes of considering and voting in respect of the Plan, which has been set by the Amended and Restated Meetings Order to take place at the times, dates and locations as set out in the Amended and Restated Meetings Order;

  • Commercial Information means information regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services, including, but not limited to, information regarding marketing strategy, production data, assessments of goods and services, mineral exploration records, and compilations of data regarding commercial activity.

  • Benchmarking Information means information generated by Portfolio Manager, as herein defined including descriptive information about the physical building and its operational characteristics.

  • Due Diligence Information means any information supplied to the Supplier by or on behalf of the Customer prior to the Call Off Commencement Date;

  • Confidential commercial information means records provided to the govern- ment by a submitter that arguably contain material exempt from release under Exemption 4 of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(b)(4), be- cause disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause substantial competi- tive harm.

  • Pricing Information means the information relating to (i) the number of Shares issued and (ii) the offering price of the Shares included on the cover page of the Prospectus.

  • Data Room Information means all information provided or made available to Purchaser in hard copy or electronic form in relation to Quattro and/or the Assets;

  • Physical Conditions Report means, with respect to the Property, a report prepared by a company satisfactory to Lender regarding the physical condition of the Property, satisfactory in form and substance to Lender in its sole discretion, which report shall, among other things, (a) confirm that the Property and its use complies, in all material respects, with all applicable Legal Requirements (including, without limitation, zoning, subdivision and building laws) and (b) include a copy of a final certificate of occupancy with respect to all Improvements on the Property.

  • Company Financial Information As defined in Section 2(a)(ii).

  • Updates are changes that do not require a change to the established Centralized Contract terms and conditions. A request to add new products at the same or better price level is an example of an update. “Amendments” are any changes that are not specifically covered by the terms and conditions of the Centralized Contract, but inclusion is found to be in the best interest of the State. A request to change a contractual term and condition is an example of an amendment.

  • Conference bridging service means an ancillary service that links two or more participants of an audio or video conference call and may include the provision of a telephone number. Conference bridging service does not include the telecommunications services used to reach the conference bridge.

  • Financing Information means (i) (A) the audited consolidated statements of comprehensive income, financial position, cash flows, and changes in shareholders’ equity of the Company with respect to the fiscal year ended December 31, 2021; and (B) the unaudited interim consolidated statements of comprehensive income, financial position, cash flows, and changes in shareholders’ equity of the Company and its Subsidiaries for each fiscal quarter ending on or after March 31, 2022 and at least 45 days before the Closing (including the comparable prior year period), in each case, reviewed under Statement on Auditing Standards No. 100 by its independent registered public accountants; it being understood and agreed that such financial statements will be presented in accordance with IFRS as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board and will not include a reconciliation to GAAP and (ii) to the extent reasonably available to the Company, such customary financial data or other pertinent information (including, customary “flash” or “recent developments” data if and when reasonably available following the end of each of the Company’s corresponding fiscal year or quarter) relating to the Company and its Subsidiaries (other than the annual and quarterly financial statements of the Company, as to which clause (i) above applies, or of any of its Subsidiaries, investees, or any other entity (including for the avoidance of doubt any financial statements required by Rule 3-05, 3-09, Rule 3-10 or Rule 3-16 of Regulation S-X) reasonably requested by the Acquirer in connection with the Debt Financing and customarily included in marketing materials, confidential information memoranda, lender and investor presentations for secured credit facilities or debt securities offering transactions, including financial data and other information of the type customary for Rule 144A offerings by public companies in order to consummate the offering(s) of debt securities contemplated by any such financing, it being understood that in no case shall such information include Compensation Discussion and Analysis or other information required by Item 402 of Regulation S-K under the Securities Act or information regarding executive compensation or related-party disclosure under SEC Release Nos. 33-8732A, 34-54302A, and IC-27444A (and, in each case, any successor thereto).

  • Staffing Information means, in relation to all persons identified on the Supplier's Provisional Personnel List or Supplier's Final Personnel List, as the case may be, such information as the Customer may reasonably request (subject to all applicable provisions of the DPA), but including in an anonymised format: their ages, dates of commencement of employment or engagement and gender; details of whether they are employed, self employed contractors or consultants, agency workers or otherwise; the identity of the employer or relevant contracting party; their relevant contractual notice periods and any other terms relating to termination of employment, including redundancy procedures, and redundancy payments; their wages, salaries and profit sharing arrangements as applicable; details of other employment-related benefits, including (without limitation) medical insurance, life assurance, pension or other retirement benefit schemes, share option schemes and company car schedules applicable to them; any outstanding or potential contractual, statutory or other liabilities in respect of such individuals (including in respect of personal injury claims); details of any such individuals on long term sickness absence, parental leave, maternity leave or other authorised long term absence; copies of all relevant documents and materials relating to such information, including copies of relevant contracts of employment (or relevant standard contracts if applied generally in respect of such employees); and any other “employee liability information” as such term is defined in regulation 11 of the Employment Regulations;

  • Confidential commercial or financial information means any business information (other than trade secrets) which is exempt from the mandatory disclosure requirement of the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552. Exemptions from mandatory disclosure which may be applicable to business information contained in proposals include exemption (4), which covers “commercial and financial information obtained from a person and privileged or confidential,” and exemption (9), which covers “geological and geophysical information, including maps, concerning wells.”

  • Directory means the Directory of Certified "Minority Business Enterprises" and "Women Business Enterprises" maintained and published by the City of Chicago. The Directory identifies firms that have been certified as MBEs and WBEs, and includes both the date of their last certification and the area of specialty in which they have been certified. Contractors are responsible for verifying the current certification status of all proposed MBE, and WBE firms.

  • Financial Information means information regarding finances, including, but not limited to, assets, income, liabilities, net worth, bank balances, financial history or activities, or creditworthiness.

  • Annual Financial Information means annual financial information as such term is used in paragraph (b)(5)(i) of the Rule and specified in Section 3(a) of this Disclosure Agreement.

  • Data Tape Information The information provided by the Originators as of the Cut-off Date to the Depositor or the Purchaser setting forth the following information with respect to each Mortgage Loan: (1) the Mortgagor's name; (2) as to each Mortgage Loan, the Scheduled Principal Balance as of the Cut-off Date; (3) the Mortgage Rate Cap; (4) the Index; (5) a code indicating whether the Mortgaged Property is owner occupied; (6) the type of Mortgaged Property; (7) the first date on which the Scheduled Payment was due on the Mortgage Loan and, if such date is not consistent with the Due Date currently in effect, such Due Date; (8) the "paid through date" based on payments received from the related Mortgagor; (9) the original principal amount of the Mortgage Loan; (10) with respect to Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans, the Maximum Mortgage Rate; (11) the type of Mortgage Loan (i.e., Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan); (12) a code indicating the purpose of the loan (i.e., purchase, rate and term refinance, equity take out refinance); (13) a code indicating the documentation style (i.e., full, asset verification, income verification and no documentation); (14) the credit risk score (FICO score); (15) the loan credit grade classification (as described in the underwriting guidelines); (16) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the Minimum Mortgage Rate; (17) the Mortgage Rate at origination; (18) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the first Adjustment Date immediately following the Cut-off Date; (19) the value of the Mortgaged Property; (20) a code indicating the type of Prepayment Charges applicable to such Mortgage Loan (including any prepayment penalty term), if any; (21) with respect to each Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan, the Periodic Mortgage Rate Cap; (22) the applicable Originator of such Mortgage Loan; (23) with respect to each First Lien Mortgage Loan, the LTV at origination, and with respect to each Second Lien Mortgage Loan, the CLTV at origination; and (24) if such Mortgage Loan is covered by a primary mortgage insurance policy or a lender-paid primary mortgage insurance policy, the primary mortgage insurance rate. With respect to the Mortgage Loans in the aggregate, the Data Tape Information shall set forth the following information, as of the Cut-off Date: (1) the number of Mortgage Loans; (2) the current aggregate outstanding principal balance of the Mortgage Loans; (3) the weighted average Mortgage Rate of the Mortgage Loans; and (4) the weighted average maturity of the Mortgage Loans.

  • information folder means the complete folder, including the information document, file, data, drawings, photographs, and so on, supplied by the applicant, it being permissible to supply the information folder in the form of an electronic file;

  • Privacy Statements means, collectively, any and all of the Company’s privacy statements and policies published on Company websites or products or otherwise made available by the Company regarding the collection, retention, use and distribution of the personal information of individuals, including, without limitation, from visitors or users of any Company websites or products (“Individuals”);

  • SOS Reports means the official reports from the Secretaries of State of each Collateral State, Chief Executive Office State and the Borrower State and other applicable federal, state or local government offices identifying all current security interests filed in the Collateral and Liens of record as of the date of such report.