Annual Financial Information definition

Annual Financial Information means annual financial information as such term is used in paragraph (b)(5)(i) of the Rule and specified in Section 3(a) of this Disclosure Agreement.
Annual Financial Information means, collectively, (i) the financial information or operating data with respect to the Issuer, for each fiscal year of the Issuer, as follows:

Examples of Annual Financial Information in a sentence

  • If not provided as part of Annual Financial Information by the date required by Section 2.2(a) hereof because not available, the State shall provide Audited Financial Statements, when and if available, to the MSRB.Section 2.4. Notice Events.

  • Annual Financial Information may be provided in one document or multiple documents, and at one time or in part from time to time.Section 3.3. Filing with Certain Dissemination Agents or Conduits.

  • This Undertaking is being executed, delivered and made solely to assist the underwriters of the Bonds in complying with subsection (b)(5) of the Rule.Section 2.2. Annual Financial Information.

  • Nothing in this Undertaking shall be deemed to prevent the State from disseminating any other information, using the means of dissemination set forth in this Undertaking or any other means of communication, or including any other information in any Annual Financial Information or Notice Event Notice, in addition to that which is required by this Undertaking.

  • It shall be sufficient for purposes of Section 2.2 hereof if the State provides Annual Financial Information by specific reference to documents (i) available to the public on the MSRB Internet Web site (currently, or (ii) filed with the SEC.

More Definitions of Annual Financial Information

Annual Financial Information means the financial information (which shall be based on financial statements prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) for governmental units as prescribed by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (“GASB”)) or operating data with respect to the Issuer, provided at least annually, of the type included in the final official statement with respect to the Bonds; which Annual Financial Information may, but is not required to, include Audited Financial Statements.
Annual Financial Information means a copy of the annual audited financial information prepared for the Borrower which shall include, if prepared, a balance sheet, a statement of revenue and expenditure and a statement of changes in fund balances. All such financial information shall be prepared using generally accepted accounting principles, provided, however, that the Borrower may change the accounting principles used for preparation of such financial information so long as the Borrower includes as information provided to the public a statement to the effect that different accounting principles are being used, stating the reason for such change and how to compare the financial information provided by the differing financial accounting principles.
Annual Financial Information means the information specified in Section 3 hereof.
Annual Financial Information means the financial information and operating data described in Exhibit I.
Annual Financial Information means the financial information and operating data of the Issuer described in Section 4 and in Exhibit A hereto.
Annual Financial Information means financial information and operating data of the type contained in the Official Statement under the following captions: