Smart grid definition

Smart grid means an electricity network that can integrate in a cost efficient manner the behaviour and actions of all users connected to it, including generators, consumers and those that both generate and consume, in order to ensure an economically efficient and sustainable power system with low losses and high levels of quality, security of supply and safety;

Examples of Smart grid in a sentence

  • To this end, the proposed Network Store Business LayerUser and industry business applicationsEntertainment SliceNetwork Function and Application StoreService LayerNetwork ApplicationsNetwork ApplicationsUnified Management and OrchestrationNetwork FunctionsNetwork FunctionsIoT /Smart grid SliceDedicated User PlaneDedicated User PlaneCloud Infrastructure LayereHealth/Public safety SliceRRHNetworkStorage Figure 1: 5G Slice Approach framework aims to achieve two complementary goals by pro- viding:1.

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Smart grid means the integration of information and communications innovations and infrastructure, including nonwires alternatives, with the electric system to enhance the efficiency, reliability and functioning of the system through smart grid functions.[PL 2019, c. 298, §16 (AMD).]
Smart grid means use of:
Smart grid means investments and policies that together
Smart grid means the advanced information exchange systems and equipment described in subsection (1.3); (“réseau intelligent”)
Smart grid means the prescribed equipment;