Smart definition

Smart means equipped with technology such as computer software programs, sensors and touchscreens.
Smart. In accordance with the District’s agreement with FAU, SMaRT (Substituting with Mentors and Realistic Teaching) students will be used as substitute teachers in lieu of regular county substitute teachers. Lesson plans, seating charts and other related materials will be prepared and provided to SMaRT students in the same fashion and manner as required for a regular county substitute teacher. Use of a SMaRT student substitute in a classroom as proposed to regular county substitute will not create any additional procedures, preparations or work for the classroom teacher. The signed contract between FAU and District regarding these programs shall not be in conflict with parameters of this agreement.

Examples of Smart in a sentence

  • The district developed and the school board approved a preliminary Smart Schools Investment Plan.The preliminary plan was posted on the district website for at least 30 days.

  • If a district believes that it will be impossible to meet this standard within 12 months, it may apply for a waiver of this requirement, as described on the Smart Schools website.

  • SDI may also be used with Smart Data Access in a data federation scenario.

  • Not all units earned toward graduation necessarily apply to Smart Core requirements.

  • There are some distinctions made between Smart Core units and Graduation units.

More Definitions of Smart

Smart means the suburban mobility authority for regional transportation described in section 30.
Smart means SMART Technologies ULC, an unlimited liability company formed under the laws of the Province of Alberta.
Smart. “Tele Aid” and the Three-Pointed Star Within a Circle, the Maybach logo and the Smart logo are the solely owned trademarks and trade names of Daimler AG, and (ii) MBUSA acknowledge and agree that the wordsXxxxxx”, “Xxxxxx Telematics”, “Networkcar”, and “HTI” are the solely owned (or licensed) trademarks and trade names of HTI or its Affiliates. HTI agrees that the MBUSA Marks, and any goodwill appurtenant thereto, shall be owned exclusively by MBUSA and shall inure solely to the benefit of MBUSA, and MBUSA agrees that the HTI Marks, and any goodwill appurtenant thereto, shall be owed exclusively by HTI and shall inure solely to the benefit of HTI. ***.
Smart. TVs, Video Storage devices (DirecTVGenie,” Dish NetworkXxxxxx,” gaming consoles (Xbox, Playstation) can cause interference. User agrees to disclose other wireless devices in use at premise during installation or support call. User agrees to place other wireless devices away from Freedom Broadband provided router.
Smart temperature element/transmitter, a "smart" pressure transmitter, a "smart" differential pressure transmitter, and a venturi-type flow meter installed on each steam line. The design is based on the use of the following meters: venturi tube with straightening vanes (calibrated to achieve + 0.25 percent accuracy); resistance temperature detector (+ 0.7 percent accuracy): pressure transmitter (+ 0.075 percent accuracy for calibrated span); and differential pressure transmitter (+ 0.075 percent accuracy for calibrated span). The meters have been installed on each steam line as follows (the system is depicted in more detail in the drawings SK-SCBL-01, SK-SF-001, SK-SF-002 in Exhibit U-1 of the MOA):