Definition of Sixth Anniversary

Sixth Anniversary means the sixth anniversary of the Effective Date;

Examples of Sixth Anniversary in a sentence

If an IPO has not been completed prior to the sixth anniversary of the Closing (the Sixth Anniversary Vesting Event), then that number of unvested Shares subject to the Option equal to the product of (i) the number of Shares subject to the Option that have not vested or been forfeited prior to the sixth anniversary of the Closing, multiplied by (ii) the ROE Percentage with respect to the applicable ROE Measurement Date shall vest and become exercisable as of the sixth anniversary of the Closing.
Parties will effect mutual loans and right of use swaps in accordance with the Phase 0 Spectrum Plan to ensure that Inmarsat shall continue to have use of spectrum equivalent in amount to the Disputed Spectrum (the "Tolled Spectrum") from the Signing Date until the earlier of (1) the sixth anniversary of the Signing Date (the "Sixth Anniversary") and (2) the date on which the Phase 1 Condition is satisfied (the "Tolling Period").
Inmarsat agrees to take whatever actions are necessary to cease its operations using the New MSV Frequencies, so as to permit the MSV Parties to begin operations on all such frequencies by the later of (a) the Sixth Anniversary and (b) the date falling twelve (12) months following the arbitral award.
Therefore, no later than June 30, 2006 (the Sixth Anniversary Date), the Board will meet to determine whether the Company should continue operations beyond the Seventh Anniversary Date.