Sheeting definition

Sheeting means the members of a shoring system that retain the earth in position and in turn are supported by other members of the shoring system.
Sheeting means 6 mil fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting.

Examples of Sheeting in a sentence

  • Sheeting of Lorries All heavy commercial vehicles leaving the site except those carrying single sized washed stone over 75mm shall be sheeted or have their loads otherwise totally enclosed before leaving the site (this condition shall not apply to vehicles travelling between one part of the site and another), unless otherwise agreed in writing with the MPA.

  • The Developer agrees to obtain the review and approval by the Zoning Administrator of such plan prior to the issuance of the Excavation, Sheeting and Shoring Permit.

  • Sheeting used to isolate contaminated rooms from non-contaminated rooms must remain in place until after the cleaning and removal of other sheeting.

  • The approved temporary lighting plan shall be implemented prior to issuance of the Excavation Sheeting and Shoring Permit and prior to the shut-down or removal of any existing lighting and operated from implementation until lighting fixtures as approved in Condition #19 are in place and operational around the perimeter of the site.

  • Approval by the County Manager of a Maintenance of Traffic Plan for, at a minimum, the Excavation, Sheeting and Shoring phase of work.

  • Impervious Sheeting: Use waterproof paper, polyethylene-coated burlap, or polyethylene sheeting.

  • The background material shall be green reflective sheeting conforming to the requirements of the NYSDOT Standard Specifications for Class A Sheeting.

  • The Developer agrees to obtain approval of the art proposal from the ACA/PAC prior to issuance of the Excavation, Sheeting and Shoring Permit.

  • REFLECTIVE STRIPE REQUIREMENTS Material All retroreflective materials shall conform to the requirements of ASTM D 4956, Standard Specification for Retroreflective Sheeting for Traffic Control, Section 6.1.1 for Type I Sheeting.

  • The Developer agrees to obtain from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) a written statement, based on the highest points (including the penthouse) of the building, that the project is not a hazard to air navigation, or that the project does not require notice to or approval by the FAA, prior to the issuance of the Excavation, Sheeting and Shoring Permit.

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