Serviced Asset definition

Serviced Asset has the meaning ascribed to it under each of (i) the Retained Business Servicing Agreement and (ii) the Portfolio Service Contract.
Serviced Asset shall have the meaning specified in Article 27(a) of this Agreement.
Serviced Asset means (a) each Receivable owned by the Borrower, (b) each Participation Interest owned by the Borrower and (c) each Bank Partner Receivable related to a Participation Interest owned by the Borrower.

Examples of Serviced Asset in a sentence

  • Subject to all other provisions and limitations set forth herein, the Special Servicer shall take such actions with respect to each Specially Serviced Asset as it determines in accordance with the Servicing Standard, acting in the best interests of the applicable Issuer and the Noteholders.

  • If and when the Property Manager or the Special Servicer deems it necessary and prudent for purposes of establishing the Fair Market Value of any Mortgaged Property related to a Specially Serviced Asset, the Special Servicer or the Property Manager; as the case may be, is authorized to have an appraisal done by an Independent MAI-designated appraiser or other expert (the cost of which appraisal shall be paid by the Property Manager and shall constitute a Property Protection Advance).

  • In the event that a Successor Special Servicer (including the Back-Up Manager) is appointed, the terminated Special Servicer shall arrange for the delivery to the Successor Special Servicer of all of the Servicing Files for any Specially Serviced Asset, which Servicing Files shall contain sufficient data to permit the Successor Special Servicer to assume the duties of the Special Servicer hereunder without delay on account of the absence of relevant servicing information.

  • As of December 31, 2009, Xstrata had funded $3.7 million of the Company’s funding commitments.

  • We cannot wait until the agreement on the SDGs or the post-2015 agenda to reflect on the monitoring and accountability framework that will need to be put in place.

  • This Agreement shall apply to any Serviced Asset that is not the subject of either (a) that Servicing Agreement, dated as of April 1, 2001, entered into by and among Ocwen Federal Bank FSB ("Ocwen"), Company and certain of Company's affiliates or (b) the Flow Agreement, dated as of September 1, 2001, by and among Ocwen, Company and certain of Company's affiliates.

  • Servicer shall keep satisfactory books and records in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, consistently applied, pertaining to each Serviced Asset which reflect the interest of Company therein.

  • The Bridge Bank must notify the Receiver of any Claims asserted in connection with or related to any Serviced Asset pursuant to Section 7.02.

  • Servicer shall permit Company or any of its authorized representatives, at any time during Servicer's business hours, to examine all books and records relating to each Serviced Asset and to make copies thereof.

  • All modifications, waivers, forbearance or amendments of any Serviced Asset shall be consistent with the servicing standard set forth in Section 2 hereof.

Related to Serviced Asset

  • Serviced Loan A Serviced Mortgage Loan or Serviced Companion Loan.

  • Serviced Companion Loan A Companion Loan that is part of a Serviced Loan Combination. With respect to each Servicing Shift Mortgage Loan and the related Servicing Shift Loan Combination, each related Companion Loan will no longer be a Serviced Companion Loan on and after the related Servicing Shift Date.

  • Serviced Mortgage Loan A Mortgage Loan that is not an Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan.

  • Serviced Loan Combination A Loan Combination that is being serviced pursuant to this Agreement. The only Serviced Loan Combinations related to the Trust as of the Closing Date are the Loan Combinations as to which “Serviced” is set forth in the Loan Combination Table under the column heading “Servicing Type,” together with any Servicing Shift Loan Combinations. A Servicing Shift Loan Combination will no longer be a Serviced Loan Combination on and after the related Servicing Shift Date.

  • Subserviced Mortgage Loan Any Mortgage Loan that, at the time of reference thereto, is subject to a Subservicing Agreement.

  • Specially Serviced Mortgage Loan means the Mortgage Loan during the period it is serviced by the Special Servicer following a Servicing Transfer Event.

  • Special Serviced Mortgage Loan The Mortgage Loans for which the Special Servicer acts as servicer pursuant to Section 3.19.

  • Performing Serviced Mortgage Loan A Serviced Mortgage Loan that is not, and is not part of, a Specially Serviced Loan or REO Loan.

  • Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loan A Pari Passu Companion Loan that is part of a Serviced Loan Combination. With respect to each Servicing Shift Mortgage Loan and the related Servicing Shift Loan Combination, each related Pari Passu Companion Loan will cease to be a Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loan on and after the related Servicing Shift Date.

  • Restricted Asset has the meaning specified in Section 2.4(1).

  • Purchased Asset means (i) with respect to any Transaction, the Eligible Asset sold by Seller to Buyer in such Transaction and (ii) with respect to the Transactions in general, all Eligible Assets sold by Seller to Buyer (other than Purchased Assets that have been repurchased by Seller).

  • Non-Serviced Mortgage Loan means a Mortgage Loan included in the Trust but serviced under another agreement. There are no Non-Serviced Mortgage Loans in the Trust.

  • Specially Serviced Loan Any Serviced Loan (including a related REO Mortgage Loan or REO Companion Loan) as to which any of the following events has occurred:

  • Specified Asset as defined in subsection 4.2.2 hereof.

  • Serviced Companion Loan Holder The holder of a Serviced Companion Loan.

  • Nonsubserviced Mortgage Loan Any Mortgage Loan that, at the time of reference thereto, is not subject to a Subservicing Agreement.

  • Portfolio Asset means an asset of an investment fund;

  • Underlying Asset means the object or underlying asset in a CFD which may be Currency Pairs (for FX Contracts), Equity Indices, base or precious Metals, Forwards, Commodities, Stocks, Shares Indices and Futures. It is understood that the list is subject to change and Clients must refer each time on the Trading Platform.

  • Transferred Asset means each asset, including any Loan Asset and Substitute Loan Asset (including, if any, the Participation thereof), Conveyed by the Seller to the Purchaser hereunder, including with respect to each such asset, all Related Property; provided that the foregoing will exclude the Retained Interest and the Excluded Amounts.

  • Fixed Asset means a tangible non-current asset, including buildings and equipment, acquired not for sale but for use for the Project during the Eligible Expenditure Period;

  • Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loan Holder A holder of a Serviced Pari Passu Companion Loan.

  • Other Servicer Mortgage Loan Any of the Mortgage Loans, if any, identified in Exhibit F-2 hereto, as such Exhibit may be amended from time to time in connection with a substitution pursuant to Sections 2.02 or 2.06, which Mortgage Loan is serviced under an Other Servicing Agreement.

  • Modified Asset Any Serviced Loan as to which any Servicing Transfer Event has occurred and which has been modified by the Special Servicer pursuant to Section 3.24 of this Agreement in a manner that:

  • Asset Pool means a pool of cash-flow generating assets in which an issuer of a securitized product has a direct or indirect ownership or security interest;

  • Permitted Receivables Related Assets means any other assets that are customarily transferred or in respect of which security interests are customarily granted in connection with asset securitization transactions involving receivables similar to Receivables and any collections or proceeds of any of the foregoing.

  • Receivables Related Assets means accounts receivable, instruments, chattel paper, obligations, general intangibles and other similar assets, in each case relating to receivables subject to the Permitted Receivables Facility, including interests in merchandise or goods, the sale or lease of which gave rise to such receivables, related contractual rights, guaranties, insurance proceeds, collections and proceeds of all of the foregoing.