SEF definition

SEF means a swap execution facility as defined in Section 1a(50) of the CEA.
SEF means the swap execution facility operated by tpSEF Inc. or any successor thereto.
SEF means “swap execution facility” as defined in Section 1a(50) of the Act.

Examples of SEF in a sentence

  • Nominating Committee Not later than the compliance date of the CFTC Regulations applicable to the Company’s governance as a SEF, the Board shall designate certain of its members to serve as the Nominating Committee which shall: (i) identify individuals qualified to serve on the Board, consistent with the criteria approved by the Board and the composition requirements of Applicable Law; and (ii) administer a process for the nomination of individuals to the Board.

  • A determination of the Company to revoke, suspend or limit a Person’s access to the SEF pursuant to Rules 302 and 305 shall not take effect until the review procedures under Chapter 7 have been exhausted or the time for review has expired.

  • Subject to compliance with the CEA and CFTC Regulations, Swaps traded on the SEF may be Cleared Swaps or Uncleared Swaps.

  • A Person whose application for Participant status has been denied or granted conditionally pursuant to this Rule 303, and any Participant whose access to the SEF is revoked, suspended or limited pursuant to Rules 302 or 305, may appeal the Company’s decision in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 7.

  • Business Days and Trading Hours The Company shall from time to time determine (a) the Business Days during any particular calendar year and (b) the Trading Hours on such Business Days for any particular Swap available for trading on the SEF.

More Definitions of SEF

SEF has the meaning specified in the definition ofRegulated Subsidiary.”
SEF or “the SEF” means FTSEF LLC, or any successor thereto, a Self-Regulatory Organization registered with the CFTC as a Swap Execution Facility.
SEF means a swap execution facility as defined under the Dodd-Frank Act.
SEF means Secretaria de Estado de Fazenda, the Borrower’s state secretariat for finance.
SEF means a social entrepreneurship fund which is registered by the FCA in accordance with Article 15a of the EuSEF Regulation;
SEF or “SEFs” means a solar electric generating facility that produces the Energy sold and purchased under this Master PPA as more particularly described in the applicable Site Specific PPA, including the Interconnection Equipment associated with such facility.
SEF means the solar electric generating facility that produces the Energy Output sold and purchased under this PPA.