CSI definition

CSI has the meaning assigned to such term in the preamble. ---
CSI means criticality safety index (see 1.2.1);

Examples of CSI in a sentence

  • Identify resource inequities, which may include a review of LEA- and school-level budgeting, to be addressed through implementation of the CSI plan (Goal, Identified Need, Expected Annual Measurable Outcomes, Planned Strategies/Activities; and Annual Review and Update, as applicable).Authority Cited: Sections 1003(e)(1)(A), 1003(i), 1111(c)(4)(B), and 1111(d)(1) of the ESSA.

  • This specification is prepared in accordance with CSI format to be included under Division 7 – Thermal and Moisture Protection.

  • Articles by Steven Pedracine CSI, CDT In the summer of 2008, I wrote an article for the Minnesota Lath and Plaster Bureau newsletter On the Wall entitled “Ten New Reasons Why EIFS Should Be Your #1 Choice of Cladding.”¹ Recently, I came to realize that six years later, that list of reasons is incomplete.

  • They will also learn the following skills: how to recognize and address animal cruelty in practice (determination of cause of death, mechanism of death, manner of death, time of death and also post mortem interval) in poultry, domestic animal and also wild animal corpse and remains, crime scene investigation (CSI), how to act after suspicion, how to collect evidence properly, how to report suspected animal abuse and domestic violence correctly, and how to act as an expert witness in legal settlement.

  • Community screening interview for dementia (CSI ‘D’): performance in five disparate study sites.

More Definitions of CSI

CSI means CITIC Securities International Company Limited;
CSI means Chase Securities Inc.
CSI means the California Solar Initiative, and the revenue requirement associated with the CSI that SCE has been authorized to recover from SCE ratepayers.