Room temperature definition

Room temperature means the temperature prevailing in a working area.
Room temperature means a temperature maintained thermostatically that meets the following criteria:
Room temperature means a temperature that is maintained thermostatically and meets the following requirements:

Examples of Room temperature in a sentence

  • Tok informací se obrací a příjemce se stává odesílatelem a poskytuje zpětnou vazbu (která opět zahrnuje celý výše popsaný komunikační proces).

  • All drug confirmation Batch Acceptance Criteria must be met for passing QC.• Storage: Room temperature in glass container.

  • Shin, Room temperature synthesis of needle-shaped ZnO nanorods via sonochemical method, Appl.

  • Room temperature coherent control of defect spin qubits in silicon carbide.

  • Room temperature: temperature maintained between 15 degrees centigrade (59 degrees Fahrenheit) and 30 degrees centigrade (85 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • Room temperature sensors shall be installed on concealed junction boxes properly supported by wall framing.

  • All drug confirmation Batch Acceptance Criteria must be met for passing QC.• Storage: Room temperature in LC/MS amber glass reagent bottle.

  • Room temperature sensors shall be installed on concealed junction boxes properly supported by the wall framing.

  • Proximity to existing businesses and the opportunity to create hubs will also be considerations.

  • Room temperature and humidity should be consistent with year round conditions for at least one week prior to installation.

More Definitions of Room temperature

Room temperature means 27ÚC;
Room temperature means temperatures of twenty to twenty- five degrees Centigrade (20°C to 25°C), sixty-eight to seventy-seven degrees Fahrenheit (68°F to 77°F).
Room temperature means 27ºC;
Room temperature shall be defined as that combination of temperature and relative humidity approved in United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines for room temperature controls.
Room temperature means ordinary ambient conditions;

Related to Room temperature

  • High-temperature coating means a high performance coating labeled and formulated for application to substrates exposed continuously or intermittently to temperatures above 204oC (400oF).

  • Operating pressure means the pressure at which the parts of an irrigation system are designed by the manufacturer to operate.

  • Drainage area means a geographic area within which stormwater, sediments, or dissolved materials drain to a particular receiving waterbody or to a particular point along a receiving waterbody.

  • Calibration means the determination of (1) the response or reading of an instrument relative to a series of known radiation values over the range of the instrument, or (2) the strength of a source of radiation relative to a standard.

  • Calibration gas means a gas mixture used to calibrate gas analysers.

  • Reception means a social gathering. Receptions are often held for the purpose of extending a ceremonial or formal welcome and may include private or public meetings during which guests are honored or welcomed. Food and beverages are often provided, but not as a plated, sit-down meal.

  • medium voltage means the set of nominal voltage levels that lie above low voltage and below high voltage in the range of 1 kV to 44 kV;

  • Slug loading means any pollutant, including oxygen demanding pollutants, released in a discharge at a flow rate and/or pollutant concentration as to cause interference in the POTW.

  • Recalibration means the adjustment of all DRG weights to reflect changes in relative resource consumption.

  • Mine drainage means any drainage, and any water pumped or siphoned, from an active mining area or a post-mining area. The abbreviation “ml/l” means milliliters per liter.

  • Meters shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.6(a) hereof.

  • Ventilation means the supply of outside air into a building through window or other openings due to wind outside and convection effects arising from temperature, or vapour pressure differences (or both) between inside and outside of the building;

  • Building system means plans, specifications and documentation for a system of manufactured factory-built structures or buildings or for a type or a system of building components, including but not limited to: structural, electrical, mechanical, fire protection, or plumbing systems, and including such variations thereof as are specifically permitted by regulation, and which variations are submitted as part of the building system or amendment thereof.

  • Density means the permitted number of dwelling units per

  • Network Area means the 50 mile radius around the local school campus the Named Insured is attending.

  • Configuration means State-specific changes made to the Software without Source Code or structural data model changes occurring.

  • Tank means an enclosed space which is formed by the permanent structure of a ship and which is designed for the carriage of liquid in bulk.

  • Meter means, unless otherwise qualified, a device that measures and registers the integral of an electrical quantity with respect to time.

  • Bathroom means any room containing a built-in flush-type toilet.

  • Alarm system means equipment and devices assembled for the purpose of:

  • drainage work means any construction or reconstruction of or any alteration or addition to, or any work done in connection with a drainage installation but shall not include any work undertaken solely for purposes of repair or maintenance;

  • Storage area means any location, facility, or vehicle which is used to store, to transport, or to secure a radiographic exposure device, a storage container, or a sealed source when it is not in use and which is locked or has a physical barrier to prevent accidental exposure, tampering with, or unauthorized removal of the device, container, or source.

  • Signaling System 7 (SS7) means a signaling protocol used by the CCS Network.

  • Staging pile means an accumulation of solid, non- flowing remediation waste (as defined in this section) that is not a containment building and that is used only during remedial operations for temporary storage at a facility. Staging piles must be designated by the Director according to the requirements of § 264.554 of this regulation.

  • Basement means any area of the building having its floor subgrade (below ground level) on all sides.

  • Diatomaceous earth filtration means a process resulting in substantial particulate removal in which a precoat cake of diatomaceous earth filter media is deposited on a support membrane (septum), and while the water is filtered by passing through the cake on the septum, additional filter media known as body feed is continuously added to the feed water to maintain the permeability of the filter cake.