Ecology definition

Ecology means the Washington State Department of Ecology.
Ecology means the Washington state department of ecology.
Ecology means the department of ecology.

Examples of Ecology in a sentence

  • However, the City may authorize a single extension for a period not to exceed one year based on reasonable factors, if a request for extension has been filed before the expiration date and notice of the proposed extension is given to parties of record on the shoreline permit and to Ecology.

  • The City shall notify the public, Ecology, and other agencies with jurisdiction of applications for a shoreline permit.

  • If Ecology determines that the submittal does not contain all of the documents and information required by this section, Ecology shall identify the deficiencies and so notify the City and the applicant in writing.

  • If County Health determines a site in the City's jurisdiction is in danger of being out of compliance with source control program Permit requirements, as mandated by the State (via Ecology), the County will reasonably inform the City about the site so that the City may determine and undertake potential appropriate actions, as may be required by the Permit.

  • Submittal of substantial development permits, conditional use permits, variances, rescissions and revisions is complete when all of the documents required pursuant to regulation 8.8(3) and regulation 8.8(4) have been received by Ecology.

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Ecology or “department” means the department of ecology.
Ecology means the state of Washington depart- ment of ecology.
Ecology means the state of Washington department of ecolo-
Ecology means the Washington state department of ecology. "Eligible applicants" includes Washington state agencies, local
Ecology means the Washington state department of ecology or its agents, including the auction administrator and the financial services administrator retained by ecology pursuant to RCW 70A.65.100(3).
Ecology means the study of the interactions of living organisms with other individuals of their own or of different species, and with their environment;