Ecology definition

Ecology means the department of ecology.

Examples of Ecology in a sentence

  • Any services or supplies provided primarily for: • Environmental Sensitivity; • Clinical Ecology or any similar treatment not recognized as safe and effective by the American Academy of Allergists and Immunologists; or • Inpatient allergy testing or treatment.

  • Staff worked with the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE) to increase wetland protections within the City and to ensure that the proposed regulations are supported by Best Available Science (BAS).

  • The amendments incorporate best available science and guidance from the Washington State Department of Ecology to modify code sections specific to wetlands and wetland mitigation.

  • Restoration Ecology 12:306-307.• American Institute of Biological Sciences (Franklin, J., R.

  • WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environ- ment, 2009, 126, 105–116.

More Definitions of Ecology

Ecology means the Washington Department of Ecology.
Ecology means the state of Washington depart- ment of ecology.
Ecology means the Washington department of ecology.