relevant scheme definition

relevant scheme means a scheme of financial assistance provided under—
relevant scheme means any other scheme approved or seeking approval under Chapter 1 Part XIV of the Act and in respect of a Class A Member who is a Controlling Director also any retirement annuity contract or trust scheme approved under Chapter III Part XIV or any personal pension scheme as approved under Chapter IV Part XIV of the Act insofar as it provides benefits secured by contributions in respect of Service.
relevant scheme means all superannuation schemes, retirement benefit schemes or other pension schemes or arrangements; and all employment benefit plans, programs or arrangements including medical, dental or life insurance to which the Company or any of its subsidiaries is a party or which the Company or any of its subsidiaries makes available or obtains for its officers or employees or former officers or employees;

Examples of relevant scheme in a sentence

  • If a Relevant Scheme Creditor and/or its Nominated Recipient that is to receive New Share Entitlements wishes to enter into a Governance Agreement (the terms of which are summarised in the Explanatory Statement), such Relevant Scheme Creditor or Nominated Recipient should execute a Governance Agreement signature page available on the Information Agent Website, and deliver it to the Information Agent.

  • For a Relevant Scheme Creditor to vote on an applicable Scheme using a Lender Claim Letter, it must be a holder of applicable Scheme Claims as at the Record Time and its validly completed Lender Claim Letter must be submitted to the Information Agent ( as soon as possible and, in any event, so as to be received by the Information Agent prior to 5:00 pm (Cayman Islands time) on 9 August 2017 (the "Submission Deadline").

  • That the Relevant Scheme Creditor gives the Information Agent and the JPLs the authority to make the directions and instructions contemplated in this Lender Claim Letter, each applicable Scheme and the Explanatory Statement on behalf of UDW, DFH and/or DOV.

  • Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lender Claim Letter, a Relevant Scheme Creditor will not be entitled to receive any Scheme Creditor Entitlements pursuant to any of the Schemes unless its Lender Claim Letter is accompanied by a validly completed Confirmation Form in the form set out at Appendix J (Confirmation Form) of the Explanatory Statement.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, a Relevant Scheme Creditor does not have to complete a Confirmation Form in order to vote on an applicable Scheme but it will need to complete one to receive its Scheme Creditor Entitlements.

More Definitions of relevant scheme

relevant scheme means a money purchase scheme that is an occupational pension scheme.”
relevant scheme means a money purchase scheme that is—
relevant scheme means the scheme in respect of which the general medical practitioner is applying to be included in a medical performers list;
relevant scheme means an employee-financed retirement benefits scheme (within the meaning of that Chapter) or a superannuation fund to which section 615(3) of ICTA applies.”
relevant scheme means a scheme in relation to which A is not aware of any intention for it to become a frozen scheme during the period of grace;
relevant scheme means a scheme to which Part IV applies by virtue of section 41;
relevant scheme means a personal pension scheme or stakeholder pensionscheme for which direct payment arrangements are, or have been, in place, and under which contributions have been paid for two or more employees of the same employer