Relevant Percentage definition

Relevant Percentage means, in respect of any Subsidiary Issuer, the percentage as specified in the relevant Pricing Supplement;
Relevant Percentage means such percentage as may be specified as such in the applicable Final Terms or, if no such percentage is so specified, 20 per cent.
Relevant Percentage means, with respect to any Prepayment Event, 100%.

Examples of Relevant Percentage in a sentence

  • If there is a Sharefarmer Supplier, payments to you and the Sharefarmer Supplier will be made in accordance with the Relevant Percentage for each.

  • If there is a Sharefarmer Supplier under this Agreement, we will pay you and the Sharefarmer Supplier the Relevant Percentage of each monthly payment.

More Definitions of Relevant Percentage

Relevant Percentage has the meaning set forth in Section 12.10.
Relevant Percentage means the percentage specified in column (b) of the following table in relation to the number of whole years specified in paragraph (a) of that table being the number of whole years the second injury is sustained after the first injury was sustained.
Relevant Percentage means, in respect of any Subsidiary of the Guarantor at any time, the percentage of the equity share capital or the partnership capital, as the case may be, of such Subsidiary which is beneficially owned (free from Encumbrances) by the Guarantor at such time.
Relevant Percentage means the percentage of guaranteed income payment payable;
Relevant Percentage means 50.00%, unless, in the case of a transaction, the Specified Conditions are satisfied after giving effect to such transaction, in which case the Relevant Percentage shall mean 60.00%.
Relevant Percentage means in respect of each Repayment Date, the percentage figure set opposite such Repayment Date in the Repayment Schedule.
Relevant Percentage means the unit of measure applicable to each Key Performance Indicator criteria detailed in the Statement of Requirements