Definition of Proposals

Proposals means a valid, final and binding offer comprised of Technical
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Proposals means proposal submitted by bidders in response to the RFQ issued by DEPARTMENT.

Proposals means those proposals made by Supplier on (i) February 9, 2006 and accepted by Purchaser on February 14, 2006, (ii) October 23, 2008 and accepted by Purchaser on October 27, 2008, (iii) January 18, 2005 and accepted by Purchaser on January 20, 2005, a copy of which are attached hereto as Schedule "E".
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Examples of Proposals in a sentence

In the event that the approval of any of the Stockholder Proposals is not obtained at such special stockholders meeting, the Company shall include a proposal to approve (and the Board of Directors shall recommend approval of) each such proposal at a meeting of its stockholders no less than once in each subsequent six-month period beginning on January 1, 2009 until all such approvals are obtained or made.
The Board of Directors shall recommend to the Companys stockholders that such stockholders vote in favor of the Stockholder Proposals.
We do not sell the items/services on which Proposals are requested.
In a Contract resulting from the taking of Proposals: Bid - shall mean Proposal; Bidder - shall mean Proposer; Bidding - shall mean executing this Contract.
Proposals must be realistic and must represent the best estimate of time, materials and other costs including the impact of inflation and any economic or other factors that are reasonably predictable.

More definitions of Proposals

Proposals means the DCO Works and the Ancillary Works.
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