Reactor definition

Reactor means a vat or vessel, which may be jacketed to permit temperature control, designed to contain chemical reactions.
Reactor means any apparatus, other than a nuclear weapon or other nuclear explosive device, in which a self-sustaining fission chain reaction is maintained by utilizing uranium, plutonium, or thorium or any combination thereof.
Reactor means a device or vessel in which reactor processes occur, including the product separator, any associated vacuum pump or steam jet, and any associated recovery system.

Examples of Reactor in a sentence

  • The project is a collaboration between the Catalysis group and the Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology group at the Chemical Engineering Department at NTNU and the Catalysis group at SINTEF Industry.

  • Merschoff, Deputy Executive Director for Reactor Programs, OEDO William M.

  • Peterson U [ f[) Assistant Director for International Security Office of Governmental and Public Affairs U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Washington, D.C. 20555 Subject: Application for License to Export Research Reactor Control Rods to Taiwan .

  • Within the aim of exploiting a new type of WWTP (Sequencing Batch Reactor, SBR) and an automatic monitoring system, a statistical model based on Multiway Principal Com- ponent Analysis (MPCA).

  • A maximum amount of EUR 5 406 million (in 2018 prices) shall be available for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor project (ITER) from the general budget of the Union for the period 2021 to 2027.

More Definitions of Reactor

Reactor means the process in which the polymerization takes place.
Reactor means an apparatus, other than an atomic weapon, in which a self-supporting fission chain reaction is maintained and controlled by utilizing uranium, plutonium, or thorium, or any combination of uranium, plutonium, or thorium.
Reactor means a vat, vessel, or other device in which chemical reactions take place.
Reactor means any swine that discloses complete agglutination reaction to the blood titer dilution of 1:100 or higher, is positive to the card test and positive to the rivanol test. If a veterinary epidemiologist determines that the herd history so indicates the animal may be classified as a suspect and quarantined until subjected to additional test(s) to determine the status of the animal(s). Swine from known infected herds having complete agglutination titer in the 1:25 dilution, or higher, or positive to the card test or found infected by other means shall be classified as reactors.
Reactor means any or, as the context requires or admits, a particular nuclear reactor (as defined in the NIA 1965) at the Site (being Reactor One or Reactor Two or either of them) and “Reactors” shall be construed accordingly;
Reactor means any device in which a controlled, self-sustaining fission chain-reaction can be maintained.
Reactor means a vat, vessel, or other device in which chemical reactions take place. (Source: Added at 17 Ill. Reg. 16504, effective September 27, 1993)