Definition of Pyxis Maritime

Pyxis Maritime means Pyxis Maritime Corp., a corporation having established a Greek office at 357-359 Mesoghion Avenue, Halandri, Athens, Greece and whose registered address is at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands, MH96960;

Examples of Pyxis Maritime in a sentence

Any notice or demand to the Guarantor under or in connection with this Guarantee shall be given by letter or fax at: c/o Pyxis Maritime Corp.
Pyxis Tankers shall enter into a guarantee in form reasonably acceptable to the lender of the Pyxis Lamda Loan Agreement as replacement for the existing guarantee issued by Pyxis Maritime Corp.
The Company hereby irrevocably designates and appoints Pyxis Maritime (USA) LLC (the "Process Agent") as its authorized agent upon whom process may be served in any claim brought against the Company, it being understood that the designation and appointment of the Process Agent as such authorized agent shall become effective immediately without any further action on the part of the Company.