Definition of Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable

Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable means all accounts receivable with respect to sales of Toner Products that occurred prior to the Closing Date other than accounts receivable arising from Pending Customer Purchase Orders.

Examples of Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable in a sentence

In no event shall any adjustment be made to the Purchase Price as a result of uncollectible Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable.
In the event that customers of Company make payments on any Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable directly to Company subsequent to the Closing, Company shall give Buyer written notice of such payments and such amounts paid shall reduce the total amount, if any, otherwise payable to Skae on account of the Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable.
Any Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable not collected within one year after the Closing shall be assigned without warranty or recourse by Target to Sellers, at Sellers' request.
For ninety (90) days after the Closing ("Collection Period"), the Company will have the exclusive right to collect and attempt to collect the Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable, and Buyer shall cause the Company to use commercially reasonable efforts, consistent with industry standard practice, to collect the Company's Accounts Receivable existing as of the Closing Date.
The Purchaser agrees to use its Ordinary Course efforts to collect the Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable, provided, however, the Purchaser shall not be required to institute a legal proceeding or retain a collection agency or take any other action outside of the Ordinary Course to collect the Pre-Closing Accounts Receivable.