Definition of PPG Stock

PPG Stock means, as of any date, the then issued and outstanding voting common stock of the Company. Shares of PPG Stock issued or transferred in accordance with the terms of the Plan may be either authorized but unissued shares or issued shares acquired by the Company and held in its treasury.

Examples of PPG Stock in a sentence

Any payment from the PPG Stock Account shall be paid in the form of PPG Stock.
Amounts in the PPG Stock Account shall be converted to cash on the basis of the fair market value of PPG Stock on the date of the occurrence of the Change in Control, or, if higher, within 30 days of such date.
Restoration Contributions may not be transferred from the PPG Stock Account.
Restoration Contributions shall be credited monthly to the Participants PPG Stock Account in the form of Stock Account Shares.
At the time of the final scheduled payment, payments from the PPG Stock Account with respect to remaining fractional shares of PPG Stock shall be converted to and paid in cash.