Old Common Stock definition

Old Common Stock means the Company's common stock, par value $.01 per share, outstanding as of the date of the Company's filing of the petition commencing the Chapter 11 Case.
Old Common Stock means the issued and outstanding common stock of Tribune as of the Petition Date.
Old Common Stock means, with respect to each Debtor, shares of common stock of such Debtor and all options, warrants or rights, contractual or otherwise, if any, to acquire any such common stock.

Examples of Old Common Stock in a sentence

  • Each certificate that theretofore represented shares of Old Common Stock shall thereafter represent such number of shares of Class A Common Stock or Class B Common Stock, as applicable, into which the shares of Old Common Stock represented by such certificate have been reclassified.

  • Senior Notes, Old Common Stock certificates, and other evidences of Claims against or Interests in the Debtors shall, effective upon the Effective Date, represent only the right to participate in the distributions contemplated by the Plan.

  • The conversion of the Old Common Stock into New Common Stock will be deemed to occur at the Effective Time.

  • Each holder of shares which immediately prior to the Effective Time represented outstanding shares of Old Common Stock (“Old Shares,” whether one or more) shall be entitled to receive upon surrender of such Old Shares to the Company’s transfer agent for cancellation, New Common Stock or certificates representing the number of whole shares of the New Common Stock into and for which the shares of the Old Shares so surrendered are reclassified under the terms hereof.

  • In addition, as of the Effective Date, all Old Common Stock and other Tribune Interests that have been authorized to be issued but that have not been issued shall be deemed cancelled and extinguished without any further action of any party.

More Definitions of Old Common Stock

Old Common Stock means, when used with reference to a particular Debtor, the common stock, membership interests, partnership interests or other capital stock issued by such Debtor and outstanding immediately prior to the Petition Date, and any options, warrants or other rights with respect thereto.
Old Common Stock means NTL Inc.'s common stock, par value $0.01 per share, issued and outstanding immediately before the Petition Date, or at any time prior to the Effective Date, including the associated rights under NTL Inc.'s shareholder rights plan extant on the Petition Date, quoted on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board system under the symbol "NTLD."
Old Common Stock means the Common Stock of the Company and any right to receive Old Common Stock pursuant to any warrant, option or other agreement.
Old Common Stock means any common stock of Group or any predecessor company outstanding at any time prior to the Effective Date.
Old Common Stock means shares of IBC’s common stock that were authorized, issued and outstanding prior to the Effective Date.
Old Common Stock has the meaning set forth in the Depositary Agreement.
Old Common Stock means the common stock, par value $.001 per share, of the Company outstanding prior to the Effective Date.