Amalco Common Shares definition

Amalco Common Shares means the common shares in the capital of Amalco;
Amalco Common Shares means the common shares of Amalco;

Examples of Amalco Common Shares in a sentence

  • The authorized share structure of Amalco shall consist of an unlimited number of Amalco Common Shares, without nominal or par value and without any special rights or restrictions.

  • The amount of stated capital attributable to the Amalco Common Shares shall be adjusted to reflect payments that may be made to Dissenting Shareholders.

  • The Amalco Convertible Preferred Shares shall have the same terms as the Company Preferred Shares except that (i) they shall be convertible into Amalco Common Shares instead of Company Common Shares and (ii) they shall be immediately redeemable without prior notice or formality at any time and from time to time by Amalco.

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More Definitions of Amalco Common Shares

Amalco Common Shares means the common shares in the capital of Amalco to be issued on the Amalgamation, the terms of which are set out in Appendix 1 to the Amalgamation Agreement.
Amalco Common Shares has the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.3;
Amalco Common Shares means the Common Shares of Amalco and includes, unless the context indicates otherwise, any Rights attached to such shares;
Amalco Common Shares. (individually, an “Amalco Common Share”) means common shares in the authorized share structure of Amalco, having the rights, privileges, conditions and restrictions described in Appendix I hereto;