Definition of Power Fund

Power Fund means OCM/GFI Power Opportunities Fund II, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership and OCM/GFI Power Opportunities Fund II (Cayman), L.P., an entity organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands.
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Examples of Power Fund in a sentence

The address of each of them is c/o FS Energy and Power Fund, Cira Centre, 2929 Arch Street, Suite 675, Philadelphia, PA 19104, Telephone: (215) 495-1150.
The principal office of FS Energy and Power Fund (the "Fund") shall be located at such place as the board of trustees (the "Board") may designate.
The name of the statutory trust is FS Energy and Power Fund (the "Fund").
US GAAP Reconciliation (continued) c) Non controlling interest Exchangeable units ("AirSource Exchangeable Units") were issued by Algonquin (AirSource) Power LP ("Algonquin AirSource"), a subsidiary of the Fund, when Algonquin AirSource acquired AirSource Power Fund I LP on June 29, 2006.
Any amounts payable by DWR under this Agreement shall be payable solely from moneys on deposit in the Department of Water Resources Electric Power Fund established pursuant to Section 80200 of the California Water Code (the "Fund").