Definition of Post-Closing Payment Spreadsheet

Post-Closing Payment Spreadsheet means a certificate executed by Representative setting forth, in reasonable detail, as of the date any Post-Closing Payment is required to be made, (i) the amount of any supplemental deposit to the Former Equity Owner Expense Fund requested by Representative in accordance with Section 2.14(d), arising in connection with or related to such Post-Closing Payment, and wire transfer instructions for any Person to whom any such expenses or deposit will be payable; and (ii) with respect to each Former Equity Owner, the aggregate number of Units formerly held by such Person, and the portion of the Post-Closing Payment payable to such Person.
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Examples of Post-Closing Payment Spreadsheet in a sentence

The Stockholder Representative shall deliver to Buyer and the Disbursing Agent, at least three (3) Business Days prior to the making of any Post-Closing Payment, a Post-Closing Payment Spreadsheet.
Buyer, the Surviving Corporation and the Disbursing Agent shall be entitled, without any duty of inquiry or investigation, to rely on and make payments in accordance with the Post-Closing Payment Spreadsheet.