Definition of Post-409A Account

Post-409A Account means the portion of a Participants Account that is not the Participants Pre-409A Account.

Examples of Post-409A Account in a sentence

Each Account shall be subdivided into a Pre-409A Account and a Post-409A Account, which shall be separately accounted for under the Plan.
If the whole or any part of any Participants or Beneficiarys Post-409A Account hereunder shall become subject to FICA Tax or any state, local or foreign tax obligations, which the Company shall be required to pay or withhold prior to the time the Participants Post-409A Account becomes payable hereunder, the Company shall have the full power and authority to withhold and pay such tax and related taxes as permitted under Code Section 409A.
A Participant may elect, at the time he makes a Salary Deferral Election or Annual Bonus Election, to have the Payment Date for the portion of his Post-409A Account balance attributable to such election (including any vested Matching Contributions related to Deferral Contributions made pursuant to such Salary Deferral Election or Annual Bonus Election, respectively) be a specified date that is after the one-year period following the end of the Plan Year to which the election applies.
The amount of such distribution will reduce the Participant's Post-409A Account balance as provided in Section 3.5.
SS1.409A-3(j)(4)(ii) with respect to amounts credited to the Participants Post-409A Account.