Profit Sharing Account definition

Profit Sharing Account means any one of the accounts so designated and provided for in Section 6.01.
Profit Sharing Account means the Account established for each Participant, the balance of which is attributable to (i) Participating Employer profit sharing contributions made pursuant to Article 3 and earnings and losses of the Trust Fund with respect to such contributions and (ii) the balance of the Participant’s profit sharing account under the Belo Savings Plan transferred to the Plan.
Profit Sharing Account means the Plan account established in respect of each Member pursuant to Article III, Section 8(B)(2) and Article V which shall be maintained separate from any other Account established in respect of such Member under the Plan. Except as otherwise indicated under the Plan, a Member’s Profit Sharing Account shall not include his Profit Sharing Rollover Amounts.

Examples of Profit Sharing Account in a sentence

  • A deceased Participant’s Compensation Deferral Account, Incentive Pay Deferral Account or Profit Sharing Account, as applicable, shall be payable to the beneficiary or beneficiaries designated by the Participant on forms furnished and filed with MGI.

  • Such interest will then be added to the Funds Withheld Profit Sharing Account.

  • A Salary Deferral Account may also include amounts transferred from a Prior Profit Sharing Account effective July 1, 1987, and earnings, losses and expenses attributable to such amounts.

  • The Committee will establish a Deferral Contribution Account for each Participant, and to the extent applicable, a Matching Contribution Account, a Profit Sharing Account and a Rollover Account.

  • Notwithstanding anything in this Section 5.2 to the contrary, a Participant shall become 100% vested in his or her Matching Contributions Account and Profit Sharing Account upon the Participant’s death, Disability, or attainment of Normal Retirement Age while the Participant is an Associate.

More Definitions of Profit Sharing Account

Profit Sharing Account means the profit sharing account established for each Participant under the Plan.
Profit Sharing Account means that portion of the Participant’s Account which is attributable to Profit Sharing Contributions allocated to such Participant pursuant to Section 4.02 of Article IV and earnings thereon.
Profit Sharing Account means (i) the sum of all of a Participant’s Annual Profit Sharing Amounts deferred with respect to Plan Years beginning prior to January 1, 2008 under the terms of the Prior Plan Statement, plus (ii) amounts credited in accordance with all the applicable crediting and debiting provisions of this Plan that relate to the Participant’s Profit Sharing Account, less (iii) all distributions made to the Participant or his or her Beneficiary pursuant to this Plan that relate to the Participant’s Profit Sharing Account. Effective for Plan Years beginning on or after January 1, 2008, Annual Profit Sharing Amounts shall no longer be made to the Plan.
Profit Sharing Account means the account established by an Employer as a book reserve to reflect the amounts credited by an Employer as profit sharing contributions under Article VI, as adjusted by earnings (and losses) under Article VIII and as reduced by distributions under Article X and Article XI and by forfeitures under Paragraph 9.2. A Profit Sharing Account may include one or more of the following subaccounts: