Definition of Portfolio Transaction

Portfolio Transaction means the sale of Florida Progress's and CP&L's portfolio of affordable housing investments.

Examples of Portfolio Transaction in a sentence

Within ten (10) days following CareTrusts becoming aware of, identifying, pursuing or sourcing a Small Portfolio Transaction, CareTrust shall deliver, or cause to be delivered to Ensign, written notice of such Small Portfolio Transaction, together with a summary of the information CareTrust possesses (including all updates subsequently received by CareTrust) with respect to the subject Health Care Facility or Health Care Facilities.
Such election shall be made by Manager within 30 days after the Portfolio Transaction in question occurs and any termination shall be effective no earlier than 45 nor later than 3 4 90 days after such election.
Manager shall not be liable to Owner for damages, and shall not be subject to any equitable remedy, in respect of any violation of such subsection (a) resulting from the consummation of a Portfolio Transaction if Manager subsequently complies with such subsection or terminates this Agreement in accordance with the provisions of this subsection (b).
Manager shall make such election within thirty (30) days after the consummation of such Portfolio Transaction, and any termination - 18 - 26 MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT shall be effective no earlier than forty-five (45) and no later than ninety (90) days after the date of such election.
If Manager consummates a Portfolio Transaction and the effect thereof is to violate the provisions of subsection (a), then Manager shall, at its election, either (i) terminate its business relationship with the Competing Extended-Stay Project or Projects that were included in such Portfolio Transaction and that violate such subsection or (ii) terminate this Agreement, in which.