Definition of Pooled Costs

Pooled Costs means, with respect to any given period, all direct costs incurred by AREI in handling Pooled Market Alliance Volumes during such period, including by not limited to terminal lease charges, throughput charges, terminal shrinkage costs, freight charges, tariffs, costs of leasing railcar and trucks, government taxes and assessments, insurance, inspection fees, inventory carrying costs, purchased ethanol cost incurred due to lost production and other such costs, but excluding direct costs incurred in marketing such ethanol. AREI shall use commercially reasonable efforts to contain Pooled Costs so as to maximize the ultimate net price payable to VeraSun Fort Dodge for its Ethanol.
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Examples of Pooled Costs in a sentence

In addition, AREI shall provide VeraSun Fort Dodge, by e-mail or fax, a monthly report regarding Pooled Market Alliance Volumes, Alliance Ethanol Average Market Price, and a breakdown of Pooled Costs in sufficient detail to arrive at calculated Pooled Net Price.