Police Scotland definition

Police Scotland means the police service of Scotland having its headquarters at Tulliallan Castle, Kincardine.
Police Scotland means the Police Service of Scotland.

Examples of Police Scotland in a sentence

  • Sections 34 and 35 of the Police, Public Order and Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2006 (“the Act”) provide that the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (“the PIRC”) may examine the manner in which particular kinds of complaints are dealt with by Police Scotland and the Scottish Police Authority.

  • This will examine, amongst other things, local scrutiny and engagement between Police Scotland and councils.

  • If for any reason you feel that your personal safety is threatened on campus, please phone Police Scotland on 999 and, if safe to do so, Security Control on 0131 455 4444 and make your way to the campus security office.

  • This activity is undertaken in conjunction with the Business Partnering arrangements for service delivery from Police Scotland.

  • Vehicle Recovery through Police Scotland Contracts if vehicles become stuck.

  • Police Scotland is responsible for producing an Annual Police Plan (APP) that sets out the arrangements to deliver against the Strategic Police Plan.

  • Assistance from External Sources Assistance from Police Scotland in implementing road closures if deemed necessary.

  • All persons attending the Home Match may be searched by Police Scotland and/or the stadium authorities.

  • As such, Police Scotland will not disclose any information that would impact on the ability to do both.

  • The exemption that I consider to be applicable is: Section 33(1)(b) - Commercial Interests The information requested is a specific part of the contract details with Police Scotland and the service provider.

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