Payment Solution definition

Payment Solution means Licensee’s business of providing a hosted online payment solutions exclusively that enables transactions between businesses and consumers, employing CardVoii Solution(s) using any of Licensee’s backend platform
Payment Solution means the processing of payments sought to be made by the Customers by way of Valid Card or other permitted mode, through Equipment that will be provide by Worldline to enable the Authentication of Customers and Authorization of payments on Valid Cards/ Payment Instrument in accordance with Payment Mechanism.
Payment Solution indicates the technical and material means made available by the Platform to Users in order to process and authorise their payment orders (by Card or by any other Payment Method) to Account Holders.

Examples of Payment Solution in a sentence

  • This form will help guide the potential investor through the process of submitting an investment commitment.The FundAmerica online form runs background checks and provides many advantages including:Anti-Money Laundering and PATRIOT Act Checks; Bad Actor Checks of Company; Payment Solution and Escrow Account; Stock Subscription Agreement Signing and Distribution; Online Investing Technology; and Transfer to be affected by ComputerShare.

  • If yes to Electronic Payment Solution Please provide the email or fax number where the (Optional) payment can be processed.

  • They must be kept secret and, if you write them down, they must not be recognisable or kept with cards, Business Travel Solution (BTS) or Embedded Payment Solution (EPS) details, or details about cards.

  • Single Token Payment Solution: Cross-border payments within the ecosystem can be completed with only one step and a one-time fee, making them up to five times cheaper and a thousand times faster, compared to current payment processes.

  • At present, Retail Payment Solution based ATM Switch is connected to the various internal as well as external hosts/Interchanges/ Interfaces.

  • Please see Attachment III: Electronic Vendor Payment Solution for additional information regarding electronic payment methods and registration.

  • Includes (dependent upon Merchant Payment Solution): PCI Assist, Breach Assist, Point to Point Encryption, and EMV Support Services.

  • If a Security Code is lost, stolen or has otherwise been intercepted by or revealed to third parties, the Customer shall immediately deactivate the eDirham Payment Solution, notify the Bank and the relevant authorities in such circumstances immediately.

  • If the Bank finds out that any the use thereof has been for any purpose that is non-compliant with Islamic Shari’a, then without prejudice to any other rights, ADIB shall be entitled to deactivate and cancel the right of the Customer to use the eDirham Payment Solution and prevent the use, and access thereof and the Bank will not be liable to the Customer for any loss, damage or expense thereby incurred or sustained.

  • The following describes certain components of the Verifone Payment Solution.

Related to Payment Solution

  • Cash Payment System means a payment system that generates any transfer of funds through a transaction originated by cash, check, or similar paper instrument. This includes electronic payments to a financial institution or clearing house that subsequently issues cash, check, or similar paper instrument to the designated payee.

  • payment system means a funds transfer system with formal and standardised arrangements and common rules for the processing, clearing and/or settlement of payment transactions;

  • Payment Agreement means a written agreement which provides

  • Net Proceeds Offer Payment Date has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • Payment Initiation Service Provider or “PISP” means a Third Party Provider that provides a service in which the PISP gives instructions to us on your behalf to carry out an Account transaction on your Online Payment Account where payments can be made using Digital Banking.

  • Agreement Payment means a Payment paid or payable pursuant to this Agreement (disregarding this Section);

  • Payment Plan means the schedule of payment prescribed in Schedule C;

  • Payment Claim means any written claim made, or to be made, by the GBCA to the Applicant requiring any Fee to be paid under clause 3;

  • Net Payment With respect to any Distribution Date on or prior to the Swap Contract Termination Date, an amount equal to the sum of (i) any Current Interest and Interest Carry Forward Amounts in respect of the Benefited Certificates, (ii) any Net Rate Carryover in respect of the Benefited Certificates, (iii) any Unpaid Realized Loss Amounts in respect of the Benefited Certificates and (iv) any Overcollateralization Deficiency Amount, in each case remaining unpaid (or in the case of Overcollateralization Deficiency Amount, remaining) following the distribution to the Benefited Certificates of Excess Cashflow and Credit Comeback Excess Cashflow pursuant to Section 4.04(c) of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement. With respect to any Distribution Date after the Swap Contract Termination Date, zero.

  • Premium payment plan means a benefit plan whereby school em- ployees may pay their share of group health plan premiums with pretax dollars as provided in the salary reduction plan under chapter 41.05 RCW pursuant to 26 U.S.C. Sec. 125 or other sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Payment Notice has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 8.06(c).

  • Payment Ahead means, with respect to a Precomputed Receivable and a Collection Period, any Excess Payment (not representing, when added to any Deferred Prepayment with respect to such Precomputed Receivable, a prepayment in full of such Precomputed Receivable) which the Servicer, in accordance with its customary servicing practices, will apply towards the payment of Scheduled Payments due in one or more future Collection Periods.

  • Net Proceeds Offer Trigger Date has the meaning set forth in Section 4.16.

  • PURCHASE CONTRACTCONTINUATIONPURCHASE CONTRACT 101018 REVISION: 220 Page 119 of 210ITEMEAEAEA1034-0636-0021034-0636-002DX-C9DX-C9DX-C9ORDNANCE KIT ORDNANCE KIT83364J00038-001 CHOCKS - PART NUMBER IDENTIFICATIONHQ0006-01-C-0001/HQ0006-01-C-0001HQ0006-01-C-0001/HQ0006-01-C-0001HQ0006-01-C-0001/HQ0006-01-C-0001026102620263QUANTITY UM PART NUMBERVENDOR P/N DESCRIPTIONCUSTOMER / PRIME CONTRACT NUMBER PRIORITY RATING FUNDED UNIT PRICE FUNDED EXTENDEDPRICE204204Quantity OrderedQuantity OrderedQuantity OrderedItem Reference:Item Reference:Item Reference:Definitized price included in item 0103Undefinitized price included in item 0165Definitized price included in item 0002Ship This Item Only To:Ship This Item Only To:See Attachment A120See Attachment A120,,VHAC3P0**002VHA**W0**001 VHA**10**093PROJECT CCNTRUE MANUFACTURER675784675784675784Item Unit Value:Item Unit Value:Item Unit Value:$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000Value Code:Value Code:Value Code:Item Note: LDC21, 22$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000$0.0000$0.000011-JUN-0712-NOV-0928-FEB-07Scheduled Delivery DateScheduled Delivery DateScheduled Delivery Date

  • Payment card means a credit card, charge card, debit card, or any other card that is issued to an authorized card user and that allows the user to obtain, purchase, or receive goods, services, money, or anything else of value from a merchant.

  • payment initiation service means a service to initiate a payment order at the request of the payment service user with respect to a payment account held at another payment service provider;

  • Delta Payment means as it is described in this Agreement.

  • Payment Condition means, with respect to any proposed designated action on any date, a condition that is satisfied if (a) after giving effect to such proposed designated action as if it occurred on the first day of the applicable Pro Forma Period, the pro forma Availability shall be greater than 20% of the Aggregate Commitment at all times during such Pro Forma Period or (b) both (i) after giving effect to such proposed designated action as if it occurred on the first day of such Pro Forma Period, the pro forma Availability shall be greater than the greater of 15% of the Aggregate Commitment and $15,000,000 at all times during such Pro Forma Period and (ii) the Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio, computed on a pro forma basis for the period of four consecutive fiscal quarters ending on the most recent fiscal quarter of Holdings for which financial statements have been delivered pursuant to Section 5.01, shall be greater than 1.10 to 1.00.

  • Payment Amount has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.

  • Payment device means any credit card as defined in 15 U.S.C. § 1602(k) or any "accepted card or

  • payment service provider means bodies referred to in Article 1(1) and legal and natural persons benefiting from the waiver under Article 27;

  • Settlement Payment means the transfer, or contractual undertaking (including by automated clearing house transaction) to effect a transfer, of cash or other property to effect a Settlement.

  • Cash Settlement Payment Date means, in relation to a Series of Notes, the date specified as such or otherwise determined as provided in the relevant Final Terms.

  • Payment Recipient has the meaning assigned to it in Section 7.11(a).

  • Installment Payment means the partial payment of court debt which is divided into portions that are made payable at different times.

  • Installment Payment Date means the date on which an installment payment of an assessment is payable.