Party/Parties definition

Party/Parties means Buyer and Seller individually/collectively.
Party/Parties means the party or parties to this Contract.
Party/Parties means HMO and Contract Holder.

Examples of Party/Parties in a sentence

  • Each Party agrees that this Agreement will be executed in electronic PDF format only and each Party explicitly acknowledges and agrees that its signature in such format shall be regarded as an original signature and that this Agreement shall be effective upon delivery by electronic mail to the other [Party/Parties] and thereafter shall be deemed an original signed agreement, irrespective of whether the signatures are on the same page or on separate pages.

More Definitions of Party/Parties

Party/Parties means the Single Allocation Platform and/or a Registered Participant referred to individually as Party or collectively as Parties;
Party/Parties has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Party/Parties means signatory parties of the contract.
Party/Parties means the parties to this Licence; Premises means the land and/or the buildings described in the Premises Appendix and on the plan annexed thereto;
Party/Parties shall have the meaning specified in the Preamble.
Party/Parties shall have the meaning set forth in the preamble to this Agreement.
Party/Parties means the Complainant or the Participant, or both, as applicable.