Palm OS definition

Palm OS means the Palm client operating system software files and build tools described in Exhibit A (Palm Software), including (a) all Updates provided by Palm to Licensee pursuant to Section 6.1, (b) the Palm Device Applications, (c) the Palm Device Applications SDK, and (d) the Palm OS Software Development Kit.
Palm OS means the Palm OS operating system and the related desktop tools and development tools used solely for the purpose of development of software for the Palm OS operating system, owned exclusively by Licensee and its suppliers and licensed by Licensee.

Examples of Palm OS in a sentence

  • For example, early password protection schemes on Palm OS PDAs obfuscated the password using a reversible algorithm [Kin01], allowing it to be recovered easily from devices running version 4.0 or earlier, using a utility.

  • On September 3, 2009, NGE announced the completion of $1.1M non-brokered private placement (“Offering”).

  • POSE can be configured to map the Palm OS serial port to one of the available serial ports on the desktop computer or to redirect any TCP/IP calls to the TCP/IP stack on the desktop.

  • The most common operating systems for PDAs are the Palm OS, PocketPC, Linux, and Symbian EPOC.

  • Not only are there fewer specialized tools and toolkits, but also the range of devices over which they operate is typically narrowed to only the most popular families of PDA devices – those based on the Pocket PC and Palm OS.

  • Palm, Palm OS, HotSync, Palm Powered logo, and PalmPrint are registered trademarks of PalmSource, Inc.

  • Besides commercial distributions that come preinstalled by PDA manufacturers, Linux distributions are also available for a range of Pocket PC and Palm OS devices.

  • Figure 2: Palm OS Architecture Other handheld device manufacturers have licensed the Palm OS for use in their own line of equipment.

  • Weimerskirch et al., meanwhile, offer an implementation of ECC for Palm OS [59], and Brown et al.

  • Palm OS devices offer built-in security features to provide protection for individual entries/records and the ability to lock the device when the user turns the device off.

More Definitions of Palm OS

Palm OS means the Palm OS operating system as identified on Exhibit A.
Palm OS shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit A of the DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT.
Palm OS means the Palm operating system software files and build tools described in Exhibit A (Palm Software), including: (a) software and documentation provided by 3Com to JD pursuant to Section 6.1; and (b) the Palm OS Drivers. All Palm OS software shall be provided in object code form only, except as may be agreed by the parties pursuant to Section 6.2(b). * Confidential treatment has been requested for certain portions of this document pursuant to an application for confidential treatment sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Such portions are omitted from this filing and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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