OTDR definition

OTDR means Optical Time Domain Reflectometer.
OTDR means optical time domain reflectometer, as set forth in Exhibit D, Section 1(A).
OTDR means Optical Time Domain Reflectomitor.

Examples of OTDR in a sentence

  • Provide certifications from the fiber optic splice unit, OTDR, and power meter equipment manufacturer that verify the qualifications of each individual employed to perform the work.

  • Splice machine, OTDR, and power meter readings with manufacturer’s software disks to read the test results.

  • Include OTDR electronic trace files and computer software so that the user can set any threshold values desired for all parameters and can view all ranges of events.

  • Provide the RE with certification from the equipment manufacturer that the OTDR was calibrated within 3 months of its use on the Contract.

  • Ensure that the maximum decibel loss for any single event is not greater than 0.3 decibels at 1310 nanometers; however, ensure that the OTDR machine threshold is set to record events greater than or equal in absolute value to 0.05 decibels along the positive and negative axes.

  • Events revealed by the OTDR machine bi-directional trace average to exceed 0.3 decibels are cause for the rejection of the cable.

  • Redo splices revealed by the OTDR machine to be greater than 0.15 decibels up to 2 additional times in order to achieve 0.15 decibels or less.

  • On-reel Testing: Perform testing for attenuation and continuity using OTDR and a pigtail splice.

  • For this purpose, the measurements by OTDR will be carried out from the both ends of the cable in 1310 and 1550 wavelengths.

  • Works with related test tools and equipment, such as optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR), polarization mode dispersion (PMD), optical spectrum analyzer, sniffers, etc.

More Definitions of OTDR

OTDR means optical time-domain reflectometer.
OTDR or Optical Time Domain Reflectometer means the optical Fiber test instrument capable of measuring loss characteristics and displaying faults, splices, and other Fiber events in single mode and multimode optical Fibers.

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